From the Pigsties to the Cart Shed

The Lucky 6 Marketing team have graduated from The Old Pigsties to the Cart Shed at Clifton Fields in Preston. This little piggy went to market, these little piggies went to the Cart Shed.   Due to the astonishing growth in business and the demand on our services it has become necessary for us to have a little more space for growth and development. We haven’t moved far however; we are literally next door to where we once where. You can now find the Lucky 6 Marketing team in a converted Cart Shed on the Clifton Field estate. The new office boasts floor to ceiling windows on both sides of the building, red brick walls and church like tall windows. It really does have a great vibe.   Of course despite the natural beauty of the Cart Shed we will leave our own mark on the unit, with the likes of Gerry the Lucky 6 giraffe and Paul the Lucky octopus being featured as vinyl’s on the  doorway. There’s even talk of a sofa… for clients of course.   As fun as it is we will actually be making the office more video friendly with the creation of a ‘mini studio’. This will be great for our vlogs and the upcoming video tutorials, as well as client headshots.   We see these developments as reflecting our recent growth. Traditionally we have provided social media management services throughout Preston, Chorley and Leyland. Most recently we have found ourselves being approached by businesses in Liverpool, Manchester and Warrington.   Do you know any businesses in these areas looking to stand out on social media? We can offer social media to any business in Lancashire and beyond.   Please update your records to reflect the fact that we no longer reside in The Old Pigsties but instead offer our specialist social media service from the Cart Shed, unit 5.   Seeing is believing so follow our office journey online, or why not pay us a visit?   If you have any office requests, like you wish to see a full giraffe feature in the office, just let us know. If we can’t make it happen we will just Photoshop the image for you! So you can’t say we didn’t try.