What You Need To Know About 360 Videos

Predicting the future of social media is often difficult but every now and again there are developments that you just know are going to take hold and become popular. One such innovation is 360 degree photos and videos.

Social media has always been about breaking down barriers between people. A way of communicating. The more natural social media achieves this communication, the more it will be used and loved. 360 photos and videos are set to do this in the coming years.

If we are wrong about the above, we will eat our hats! Or, if you prefer, our new 360 camera!


Why are 360 photos and videos better?

The first revolution was the development of photography. This was followed by video. Both were then proceeded by digital and the ability to view media online. Now, with 360, the user is at the centre of the action with all angles available.

Just like you might turn your head to see what is going on at your side or behind, you will now be able to do this naturally online.


A 360 photo/video captures more information

A standard photo from an average camera will capture anything from 45 to 180 degrees. This is great as it allows the photographer to select their subject, frame the shot and capture the scene. A 360 photo or video takes this to the next level and captures absolutely everything.

With very little technical skill it will now be possible for anyone to capture their entire environment. Gone are the days of having to choose what you want to capture and what you wish to omit from the photo or video.


The viewer is in control

Once the photo is uploaded online, control is handed over to the viewer. A traditional photo or video was framed by the photographer. Now the viewer can choose where to look. This adds a whole new level to user engagement and also breaks down significant barriers.

Now the user can feel part of the media. They are at the centre of the action and choose where to focus their attention.


Our tool of choice – The Samsung Gear 360

After becoming unexpected owners of the Samsung Gear VR it felt like a natural step to invest in equipment to record 360 photos and videos. Now we can record and view this new type of media. Just like the Gear VR we were pleasantly surprised with the Samsung Gear 360.


Samsung Gear 360 Features

As a marketing agency in Lancashire that specialise in social media we found some features extremely useful and can see many uses for our client’s social media.

One of the key features that came as a pleasant surprise is the fact Samsung Gear 360 can take time lapses! A handy feature for any event that might last a while. You can also use the two 180 degree cameras separately as a fisheye camera.

Probably the most innovative feature of the camera is the use of the Samsung phone as a control unit and view finder. Surely this is the future of cameras? It is hugely useful to have a viewfinder that is totally separate to the camera and allows for remote setup and use of the unit.

For a more comprehensive list of features we would recommend you take a look at the Samsung Gear 360 website.


The future of 360 and social media

With any new social media features it is always a question as to whether the update will become an integral part of a platform or whether it is just a fad. At Lucky 6 Marketing we are hugely confident that 360 photos and videos are here to stay.

We do not state this lightly. Facebook are investing heavily in this new technology and that of virtual reality. Within the next five years it will be common to slip on a VR headset, chat to friends and watch 360 videos. Before you know it, standard photos will look very old. Everyone will want to look around a photo.

Social media in Lancashire and Preston is about to become far more interesting and immersive with 360 photos and videos. Would your business benefit from this new media type? Can you think of any creative uses for the Samsung Gear 360?

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