5 Social Media Game Changers From November 2016

As the festive season rolls in we look at five huge developments from the social media world in November 2016. Some are game changers while most are updates to general functions and uses. So sit back, take a big slurp of eggnog and have a read below.

A game changer from Facebook

Pac-man, Galaga and Arkanoid are to return to the big/small screen again with the introduction of classic games on Facebook Messenger.

“Messenger just got way more fun – or competitive – depending on how you look at it, with the ability to play games right in your messaging conversations.”

It is really simple to challenge your friends to one of these games. Simply press on the game controller icon within the chat window. Select your game and try your best to ace it. Once you are finished the score will be sent to your friends for them to compete against.

Handy-Tip: You can play these games via Facebook Messenger on a standard PC. This gives you some advantage regarding control and having a larger screen.

Donate via live videos on Facebook

With Christmas just around the corner and the season of goodwill, Facebook has added a cool little function to non-profit pages. During live video streams, viewers can now donate.

This new option allows non-profit pages to add a donate button to Live video posts. When a viewer donates, a notification appears on the video encouraging others to join in and donate what they can.

Talk money with LinkedIn Salary

A new feature launched on LinkedIn allows users to research potential and review related salaries within the sector in which they work.

If you are not a premium user of LinkedIn you can unlock this new feature simply by sharing your salary with LinkedIn. Your salary remains private but does allow LinkedIn to improve their results within the salary search.

Once your LinkedIn shows you the media base salary you can then refine the search to find out how much factors such as location, education level and experience affect the results.

Live 4K from YouTube

There is no doubt that YouTube is the home of multimedia online. They look to retain this crown with the recent addition of 4K live streaming.

Designed for the smart TV market, YouTube will be fully aware of the increased use of TV’s to view online content. By introducing live 4K they are ensuring the next generation of live broadcasts finds a home on YouTube.

“4K video isn’t just a little different from HD video; it’s a giant leap. It shows 8 MILLION pixels in total, with an image that has four times more image definition than even 1080p video.”

Try new things on Pinterest

Since its creation, Pinterest has been the mood board and DIY project organizer of the internet. Many avid users, including our own Creative Director, use the platform for collecting ideas. Now Pinterest has added a new ‘tried’ feature.

Keeping track of the ideas or recipes that you have tried on Pinterest has just become a lot easier. Simply click the new tried button and the pin will be added to your tried section. Along with this you also get the opportunity to add a comment about the recipe or DIY idea.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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