6 Quick Social Media Wins

In this blog, we explore 6 quick social media wins that will help you get started on social media. Sometimes it is as simple as having an idea, direction or purpose. Start publishing updates and innovate with these six quick social media wins.

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Getting started on social media, be it for the first time or if you have lost count, can be difficult. Developing the momentum, routine and strategy does take a little effort but once going is much easier to maintain than starting.

This blog is here to help you cross that social media finish line quicker than you have before.

Below we have explored six quick ideas to help you get started with your social media or to help refresh your content. But who are we to give this advice? Good question, find out more about our service on our social media service page here!

Jump right in and scroll down to see the quick wins.

1. Free Stuff For The Win

Never give anything away for Free, was a piece of advice I was once garnered with by another business owner. Then he embraced social media and his whole tone changed.

Give away information for potential customers to buy into your brand.

The theory behind this strategy is that by showing people how they can do something, how your service works, sharing free advice, showing how products are made or how your business operates, people feel informed and lean more positively towards your brand.

2. The Face(s) Behind The Brand

You might not realise this, but as a human, you like faces. We are all hardwired to identify faces. We cannot help it. Its instinct.

Therefore if you summon up the courage to appear on camera, either in photos or in video, your content will perform better. Humans love seeing other people on social media.

If you present, or showcase a product, case study, or walkthrough, not only do you have the opportunity to convey more information but you are also much more likely to hold a person’s attention.

Bonus Tip – Profiling unique selling points (things that are difficult for your competitors to copy) can give you a competitive edge. People who make up your team are excellent for developing a unique selling point. Everyone is unique.

3. Let Me Entertain You

A huge component of social media is entertainment. Every user is seeking entertainment when they peruse a social media platform. Yes, information is also important, especially on LinkedIn but if you can entertain you can win attention.

A quick way to develop an entertainment factor on your social media is by jumping on a trend or meme. Of course, this means paying attention to overall social media culture and keeping a pulse on what is currently being shared.

Fast-track this process by literally telling a story. The oldest form of entertainment. Tell your online community about an amusing incident or recent adventure. This could be done in a video or extended post with accompanying photos.

4. Repurpose And Recycle

Revisit past updates published on your social media accounts. Take a quick look at their analytics and pick out the best-performing. Could these be used again?

If these updates were successful in the past maybe they can be repurposed and reused.

Just be sure to change them up a little. Maybe you are going to want to adjust the image, rewrite some of the copy or even add a video.

Successful social media management is often about publishing the most effective content in the most efficient manner possible. Reusing old content allows you to achieve this very quickly.

5. Revisit Your Features And Benefits.

It’s always worth revisiting the foundations of good marketing. Developing a feature and benefit list of your product or service will give you a strong framework for copywriting, social media updates, website layout and overall strategy.

If you have a team turn this into a fun and interactive activity. Choose a product or service. Give everyone five minutes to note down as many features as possible. Collect all these together and very quickly you have a comprehensive list of what you are selling.

For every feature, list as many benefits as possible. Speak to your sales team or customers to widen this research. If you are working in a team reward to most creative benefit.

What does your product or service do?

The positive result that the customer enjoys from a particular feature.

6. Show Me The Money

Many moons ago when I was a bright-eyed youngling starting out in marketing a time-served marketing guru gave me a piece of advice. Tell potential customers your price.

He went on to explain that listing your price, be it a product or service, helps filter potential customers in two ways. Firstly those that cannot afford the price don’t bother you. Those who think the price is reasonable follow on with another action, either a purchase or further research.

Putting this theory to the test over many social media marketing campaigns I have found this theory works well with services in particular. Try it for yourself. Start adding product or service prices to your social media updates and see how it affects interactions, clicks and comments.

Next Steps - 6 Quick Social Media Wins

Now it’s up to you. We always liken social media to a marathon rather than a sprint. Think long-term and plan a routine or process. It all begins with ideas that require action.

Above we have given you six ideas that will allow you to create content. Now it is up to you to practise this, make some content, publish it online and build your own process.

Do you have any quick social media wins? If so let us know on our social media channels.

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