6 social media basics everyone should know

Social media is relentless and requires significant effort to succeed. With this in mind, we have put together these 6 social media basics everyone should know. Think of this blog as a quick guide to finding inspiration and motivation to make your future social media activities as successful as they can be.

Social Media Basics Everyone Should Know

From planning to the use of media and calling upon professionals. There are many ways to ace your social media. However, from our 10+ years of experience as professional social media managers, we believe the following will significantly help you develop your digital marketing.

1. Plan Ahead

The key to any successful medium to long-term marketing and PR is to plan. This is the perfect time to look back and analyse how the past 12 months went for you and your business. Ask yourself the following:

  • Did you achieve what you wanted?
  • What important lessons have your learnt?
  • How did you earn your greatest success?
  • When did you post your best content?

Answer all the questions above while thinking about the journey you took over the past 12 months. Then, with all this fresh in your mind, think about where you want to be this time next year. Picture the scene with vivid colours, sounds and even smell. Focus on this scene and then work out what you could do on social media to help you achieve this goal.

2. Be Consistent

The truth about social media is that it is difficult. How often in the past 12 months did you leave your social media until the last minute and every so often fail to publish content at all? The trick to defeating this obstacle is to be consistent. Get into a routine and get used to posting content regularly.

Make sure your content is consistent too. What do you want to say and how do you want to say it? Use your plan to keep you on track and remain focused.

3. Remember, Content Is King!

Original, informative and entertaining content holds its weight online. Moreover, great content is less affected by changes to the Google search algorithms and social media platform developments.

Evergreen Content – This is content that does not go out of date or remains relevant for a significant amount of time. For example, this could be blogs or videos covering strategies or offering advice on a topic without detailing specific platforms or tools. This way, as the platforms or tools update the information within the blog remains relevant and unaffected by developments.

Keywords are great but use them correctly. Build good content first, then incorporate the keywords. Do not build updates around the keywords and do not push the use of keywords too much. Write for your audience.

4. Be Creative

Creative content published correctly will always do very well on social media. If you can get into the habit of creating original content, you will notice much more activity on your profiles. What does your audience want to know? How can you say something differently? Decide upon the media and if photos, videos or graphics will convey the message better.

We strongly believe that creativity is a skill that can be learnt and improved upon.

5. Use Photos and Videos

Multimedia (photos and videos) form the foundation of content online. Producing this type of content can be easy if you combine creativity with motivation. After all, your Smartphone is capable of creating many kinds of video and professional-grade photos.

Photo and video content ideas:

  • Staff photos, formal and about the office.
  • Pictures of your office and workplace.
  • Photos of your products and service provided.
  • Video walkthrough of the office.
  • Weekly advice videos where you share expertise about your sector.
  • Documentary videos about past successes.


6. Call On The Experts

Our office tends to publish what a standard business would in a week or month during a single day. Therefore by the end of a working month, we have anywhere between 4 and 30 times the experience a standard social media manager would. Over a year, this experience multiplies exponentially. We are trying to say that your typical social media company has an outstanding amount of digital marketing experience, so if you want any advice or guidance, ask them for a bit of help.