6 Ways To Use Facebook Like A Pro

If Facebook was a country it would have the largest population in the world! With a reported 1.393 billion monthly active users it now has more logins per month than China has citizens.

The Difficulty

This vast amount of free traffic is all well and good but how do you tap into it. Well the answer is, with difficulty! Facebook has been designed to sell advertising… and lots of it.

However, with well-planned and relevant content you can achieve results on Facebook without buying any advertising or boosting posts.

6 Ways To Use Facebook Like A Pro

1. Use a page – not a profile

Never use a personal profile as a business account! It infringes the Facebook user agreement and even breaches UK data protection laws (especially if your business is limited). Does your business use Facebook via a profile or a page?

Setup a page and take your time to get it right. Yes using a page it’s harder to be seen by your audience and takes longer to grow your likes but you also get powerful insights. The stats section on your page is great for breaking down your audience into segments.

2. Make it about your people

The clue is in the name of the social platform. Face-book. It is a digital repository for photos of faces so show some faces. Every business is made up of people so make your Facebook page about those people. There will always be an audience for that type of content and it always makes great PR.

3. Post good content

In the world of multimedia good content is king. Facebook is in essence a blog forum, a news platform, a radio station, a photo album and a TV channel. Your content has to stand on its own amongst all this competition and must have value to its intended audience.

4. Videos for the win

Recent developments within the Facebook platform have seen video uploads given more value. Users also enjoy watching video rather than reading so make it visual and make it move. Post a video of something interesting that shows your business in the right light.

5. Interact as a page

Not many businesses seem to do this, do you? It’s quite simple. Act as the page and interact with other businesses on Facebook. This makes your page more visual and spreads it presence to a wider audience.

6. Use questions and call to actions

Ultimately you are using Facebook to enhance your business PR or even make more sales. Therefore make sure your content has a purpose. Ask questions to develop a community and make sure at least half of your updates have a strong call to action to direct users to the end result.

There are many more tips and tricks to using Facebook successfully as a business. What is your top tip? Have you found the above 6 tips helpful?

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