The Social Media Problem - Marketing, Preston.

Social media is complex. There are many social media platforms. As a business you need to have a presence on all if not some. Yet each one has its own culture, unspoken rules and etiquette. 

To publish content on these platforms you need to create media. You must be able to write, take good photos and even produce videos. When creating media you need to know what formats these platforms accespt and how their displays will change on different devices.

The problem is compounded further when these social media platforms update constantly. On average major updates occur every six months. This means you constantly have to learn about the new developments.

Once you understand all of the above you then need to create content for your business. This requires endless creativity and a willingness to dedicate time. You also need to objectively standback from your business and analyse what messages delivere value to your customers.

Maybe you delegate the job to someone within your business. Now you have to check all their work and makesure they are carriyingout their role efficiently.You have to employ that person under English law and takecare of all the surrounding HR. This takes more time than you expect.

Our service is designed to bypass all these problems for you!

Why do we exist?

A big question, right? Almost up there with, what is the meaning of life? We have thought about this long and hard. Since the very first idea came into existence about this business we have stood for one thing. The pursuit of excellent social media.

Yes Lucky 6 Marketing is a limited company and therefore a profit making enterty. But it is our work that holds all the value for us. We love creating compelling and original content for our clients. It is a buzz when this content helps them succeed. 

To continue doing what we love we have to charge a fee. We also refuse to be the cheapest option available because our passion, dedication and skill must go to those that value it correctly. 

Think of us as your digital marketing department. We are here to reduce your workload and stress by managing your social media. With this comes our extensive social media experience, knowledge and skill. All from our office that allows us to do our marketing, Preston.

It is difficult to sumup who we are but if we had to, these two sentences below cover the main points

marketing preston - the office of Lucky 6 Marketing

Passion that creates content which in turn communicates.
Support that leads to business development
which results in greater luck!


Social media is our passion and has been since 2005! 

We are passionate about unlocking this tool for businesses the are ambitious and wish to succeed. To be part of the digital communications revolution is exhilarating and exciting. There is huge potential for all businesses but there is also much challenge. 


We believe content is critical. It should provide value to your customers. It should inspire them, educate and drive demand for your service or products. Great content is bigger than social media. It can be used in print, on video, across your website and in advertising. Our service begins with content.


We believe in communication. Any problem can be solved through effective communication. Social media is just a tool to this end. Good, clear and concise communication is an art form. Knowing how to communicate effectively on social media is technical. Since 2005 we have put much effort into bringing this art form and the technical aspects together for the benefits of our clients. 


All the work we create for clients is designed for their customers. This content is then deployed on social media where interactions with customers occur. We become an advocate for your customers. This means you can call on our support when deciding the future direction of your business. 


All business is constantly moving. With social media you can keep track of these smaller movements by listening to customers and monitoring competitors. Our insights from social media can help with the moving landscape your business resides in.


We believe luck can be cultivated with positive actions. Connecting to your wider economy, individuals local to you, potential and existing customers will improve your luck. Providing all these people with consistent messages that deliver value and amazing things will begin to happen.

Lee Giacopazzi

Meet the founder and Managing Director of Lucky 6 Marketing, Lee Giacopazzi. Captain, videographer and occasional band member. Lee stepped into the world of social media management back in the days where customers would ask, ‘so what is Facebook?’ Since then he has watched the industry grow and develop. Learn about his history and his ambitions for Lucky 6 Marketing an how he intends to develop marketing in Preston.

Terri Juniper

Step into the world of our Creative Director, Terri Juniper. Co-Founder of Lucky 6 Marketing Terri encompasses a range of roles within the business, from writer, graphic designer, presenter, and self-appointed interior designer for our offices. Explore her history, passions and visions for the future of Lucky 6 Marketing on her dedicated page. 

marketing preston - the office of Lucky 6 Marketing

Our Offices - Marketing, Preston

Nestled away in the countryside. The Lucky 6 Marketing Offices are in a league of their own. Boasting historical features the Lucky 6 Marketing team have taken the word office and spliced it with a traditional, homely environment to create a comfortable space for working, creating and training. It’s also the home of the annual Lucky 6 Marketing Barbecue. The center of marketing, Preston.

‘Sadly the vast majority of people seem to view their chances of "getting lucky" in much the same vein as the likelihood of being struck by lightning, as if it is something over which they have zero control. Well, in my humble opinion they couldn't be further from the truth — anyone who wants to make the effort to work on their luck can and will seriously improve it.’