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Social media is a reflection of society. The true revolution has been the speed of digital communication and the ability to communicate with any person online. Never before has the world been so connected.”

Who am I and how did I get here?

Somehow, my entire life has led to this career. I always had a lot of interest in creative pursuits. When I was a child, I wanted to be a writer. Many hours were spent creating short stories and exploring adventures of the mind.

As a young teenager I became interested in photography (back then it was all on film). My pocket money would be spent on developing the rolls of film every week. This interest morphed into music as I became a young adult and I found myself on a Music Technology degree.

This education involved the creation, editing and creative use of media. From video production to graphic design and web design. I was also very lucky. At this point in my life 2004 – 2007 I was at University and social media was just becoming a thing. As soon as I saw it, I was hooked.

The same potential of social media keeps me captivated to this day. The potential of connection.







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What does the future hold?

I am looking forward to a future that will be challenging and highly rewarding. I feel so lucky and honoured to have been present at the birth of social media. Now we, as a culture and world, get to see this form of communication develop.

In the years we have been trading we have witnessed whole sectors of business undergo huge changes. For us, the challenge will be to work with businesses to adapt to these developments and become stronger with the use of social media.

Our service will become more dynamic as business practise does and we will need to consistently push ourselves to adapt. Most importantly, the future of Lucky 6 Marketing will consistently revolve around that of excellent customer service via the delivery of technically proficient creativity.

As I said at the start, a challenging target but one that I believe will be rewarding.

Lee Giacopazzi stood with Terri Juniper at the Lucky 6 Marketing stand.

When Lee Giacopazzi formed Lucky 6 Marketing he become involved in a number of collaborations with CICs, web developers and designers. Working with these teams he established the niche of social media and started to specialise in this area even more, seeing even then in 2011 the potential social media could offer businesses.

Lee Giacopazzi at an event wearing a tuxedo and bow tie.

On several occasions Lee has been invited to business events across Lancashire to offer social media key note speeches. He doesn’t always wear a tuxedo to these events, but the tux is available on request! 

Lee Giacopazzi sat at his desk reading a magazine. Check out his bright socks!

Even now as Lucky 6 Marketing enters its tenth year of trading, Lee focuses on driving the business, developing new services and researching the latest social media advancements and develops. All whilst still getting hands on and managing client campaigns and strategies. 

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