Lucky 6 – A digital marketing agency in Lancashire


Since 2011 Lucky 6 has been a disruptive digital marketing agency within Lancashire. Introducing new systems for marketing businesses, a fresh look at digital marketing fees and a social-media-only figurehead.

Lucky 6 Marketing is located within a converted farm building, aptly named, The Cart Shed. This unique location is surrounded by farmland, in the springtime we enjoy the baby lambs playing in the fields and for the rest of the year, we await the arrival of the farm chickens who often just let themselves into the office.

Our passionate teamwork 5 days a week (sometimes 7) to create, write and publish compelling content on behalf of our awesome clients. We do everything in house, we even have our own video department and studio on site for all your filming or photography needs.

Meet the partnership (and newest team member) that has driven this innovation and change. A pair of unassuming and ambitious individuals. A couple now engaged. Sharing life and business together. See below for more information about Lee and Terri.

Lucky 6 Marketing Social Media Management

Hard working and uncompromising, Lee’s dedication to the development of Lucky 6 Marketing is immediately noticeable. Underpinning this enviable work ethic is a true passion and belief in social media as a form of communication for all organisations.

With a scientific background and hard-won practical experience, Lee continues to develop advanced digital marketing services for Lancashire based businesses. The rapid growth of Lucky 6 Marketing in recent years has seen Lee develop his leadership skills as he grows the company and takes a more managerial role.

Terri Juniper, Social Media Management in Lancashire

An original thinker and creative extraordinaire. Terri brings together great copy, graphics and video for all the Lucky 6 Marketing clients. Add to this her cutting-edge social media knowledge and you have a formidable Lancashire based Creative Director.

With seamless management and organization of all client accounts, Terri really brings her work alive. Her years of experience have recently been used to teach the next generation of Creative Director superstars with her becoming the lead tutor of a social media apprentice course.

A unique business with a unique office!

A truly unique office, home to a digital marketing agency in Lancashire. Find out more about Clifton Fields, the farm from which Lucky 6 Marketing operate. Learn about their office and the famous cobbled courtyard.