Clifton Fields in Preston

Clifton Fields in Preston

Photo by Air Pixa showing the Clifton Field courtyard.

Lucky 6 Marketing, Unit 5 – Cart Shed, Clifton Fields, Lytham Road, Preston, PR4 0XG

Lucky 6 Marketing has been based at Clifton Fields since 2016. With its redbrick walls, floor to ceiling windows and cobble courtyard, there is no better environment for creative work.

The lucky 6 marketing office at clifton fields

The Lucky 6 Marketing Office

Many people over the years have questioned the need of an office in the modern work environment that is predominantly virtual. For Lucky 6 Marketing there is no questions. An office is a place for people to work together in the pursuit of excellent creative output. This is what the Lucky 6 Marketing office is designed to do.

With an open plan design encompassing both work areas and informal seating, this space inspires creativity. One side features a full character red brick wall while to opposite features a full chalkboard wall.

Through floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the cobbled courtyard makes the office feel twice the size. Warm, inviting, cosy and friendly are just some of the words often used to describe this space.

BBQ at Clifton Fields

The Lucky 6 Marketing BBQ – September 2016.

Over the past few years, Lucky 6 Marketing have hosted large group training events within the office and barbecue gathering on the courtyard. This versatile space lends itself to effective work, training, living, and socialising.

Upon visiting the Lucky 6 Marketing office one person said, “It’s like a mini Google in Preston.”


About Clifton Fields

Clifton field from above

A bird’s eye view of the Clifton Field courtyard. Photo by Air Pixa

A working farm with a business courtyard. Clifton Fields is a unique location within Lancashire. The farm has been owned by the same family for over 100 years giving the site true heritage. The offices that form the courtyard originally being agricultural building.

Bonus Fact: The beautiful red bricks that make up these buildings were used to build the stables at Lytham Hall.

Accessibly by a single lane track from the Lytham Road dual carriageway you quickly find yourself driving into a rural setting full of wildlife and farm animals. When accessing the site on a regular basis it is common to see hawks, grouse, sheep, horses, pony’s, birds of all types and of course the famous Clifton Fields farm dogs.

When renovated in the 1990’s the scheme won a Premier Conservation Award from Fylde Council for Good Design in the Environment. The site as a whole enjoys a low carbon footprint with minimal environmental impact.

Solar panels were added to three of the offices in early 2017 and heating is supplied by a biomass boiler system burning wood and straw. As a result, it is common for the sent of smoky oaky wood to be resting in the air as you walk through the courtyard to the offices.

A truly unique office courtyard in Lancashire. You simply have to visit to believe how amazing it is.

See the official Clifton Fields website here: http://www.cliftonfields.co.uk

Clifton Fields Countryside photo

The Clifton Fields Estate nestled within the Lancashire countryside. Photo by Air Pixa