Lee Giacopazzi, Managing Director of Lucky 6 Marketing

I believe communication is the key to success in almost any situation. Social media is just a method of communication.

Lee Giacopazzi – What I believe

Social media is a dynamic and versatile tool. It offers businesses many options in terms of communication. We are living through a revolution as great as the industrial revolution. It is not a mass production revolution like those of the past but one of communication.

I truly believe every business can benefit from the creative use of social media. For the first time ever, a business can communicate with almost anyone instantly. Used correctly, this is an immense power.

Lucky 6 Marketing was established by myself in 2011 to ask businesses just one question. Are you making use of this most powerful marketing tool?

Lee in 2011

My other creative passion is music and, playing guitar. This photo was taken in 2011 when I used to practice a lot more than I do now!

What I enjoy most about my role

I love meeting and learning about new businesses. I have found, you meet such a wide variety of people in business. All these people have a dream, an ambition or an end goal. Being asked to help them achieve or reach these endpoints is such a pleasure.

To apply my passion for social media to other people’s ambitions is truly fantastic. There is no bigger challenge than applying the tool of social media to an endless variety of problems that businesses face.

This challenge is rewarding, and the pursuit of results is exhilarating.

Lee Giacopazzi from Lucky 6

You find yourself in many interesting locations and enjoy ample adventures when you’re the Managing Director of a social media marketing company.

The biggest reward of my work is…

Receiving positive feedback from happy clients is amazing. Often, we hear how their friends and colleagues comment on their outstanding social media. For me, this is the biggest reward. Our work has made such an impact to influence someone’s behaviour. They remember our updates or activity enough to mention it upon meeting our client.

Photo of Lee and Terri from Lucky 6

One of the biggest pleasures I take from Lucky 6 Marketing is the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with my fiancé and Creative Director, Terri Juniper.


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I have enjoyed creative writing since I was a child. For the past few years, I have applied this hobby to blog creation. Covering subjects on social media and marketing, it is always my ambition to inform and entertain.

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