Myles Pearson, Marketing Executive at Lucky 6 Marketing.

When meeting somebody for the first time it’s important to smile, shake their hand and make eye contact. Social media is the same. Through engaging content, you can leave a strong first impression.

Myles Pearson outside the Lucky 6 Marketing office

Myles Pearson – What I believe

Being a professional athlete, representing my country at the London 2012 Paralympics and travelling the world, I’ve realised just how important social media is. Just hours before pushing out onto the court, in front of 12,000 people, one of the last things I would do would be to update my Facebook page.

Myles at the London 2012 Paralympics

Photo of Myles after being ‘hit out’ in a match against America during the London 2012 Paralympics. It was a close-run game with America eventually winning by a few points.

Social media has always run quietly alongside my life. My first introduction came when my parents were running a photography business, listening to the moans and groans about how long it was taking to set-up a website.

I then discovered MSN and instead of doing homework I would spend hours glued to a computer screen chatting to friends. As a disabled teen, who wasn’t able to meet up with friends easily, communication was essential.

By combining the written word and social media, I finally had lift off. I was suddenly realising the possibilities and opening doors that were once closed. Through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram I could now reach an audience that took an interest in my sporting endeavours. I quickly learnt that first impressions count.

Photo of Myles Pearson

What I enjoy most about my role

I’ve written for organisations such as Manchester United, Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby, BAE Systems and Southampton Solent University. All whilst keeping a regular blog. Sometimes I have got it wrong, but ultimately continuous improvement is a driving force in everything I do. I’m ultra-competitive so being the best is what I strive for.

Writing for Lucky 6 Marketing is no different, I love it. My enjoyment peaks when I see numerous retweets or likes on a status I have written. From accountancy to oil-based products, whatever the subject, I get to learn about a wide range of topics and businesses.

There are so many areas I love about Lucky 6 Marketing, but ultimately, it’s the team. Everybody pitches in, we push each other to be better AND the Yorkshire Tea is quality – you can’t ask for much more!

The biggest reward of my work is…

The clients. Hearing that they’re satisfied, watching the stats improve and knowing that Lucky 6 Marketing is making a positive influence is exciting. Writing for different clients means you quickly learn about a business from the ground up. Before you know it, you’re part of that businesses team and you appreciate how much effort goes into making it successful.

Myles Pearson at the Lucky6 office