Social Media for IFAs

As an Independent Financial Adviser of any size, social media and marketing in general can be a tricky subject! There are strict regulatory rules to comply with from the Financial Conduct Authority, so creating content is made even more difficult! But fear not. We have created this handy blog post to aid your social media needs.

Visual Content Marketing and Social Media

Visual Content Marketing and Social Media There is an increase in demand for visuals to be used on social media. This blog will go through why visual content marketing is vital and the different types you can use. Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on twitter Twitter Share on facebook Facebook Spending time producing visual content […]

Why’s Joy Here?

Joy in front of the lucky 6 office

Who is Joy and why is she the newest member of the Lucky 6 Marketing team? Find out in this blog!

How to Use Instagram for Business

lucky 6 marketing instagram on iPhone

Since 2010, users have been uploading, editing and hash-tagging images to Instagram. The platform now has 600 million monthly active users (as of January 2019). Is your business tapping into this audience?

How to build a Twitter following from scratch

child playing jenga

Having a large Twitter following, or a large following on any social media platform for that matter, is perceived as a success. Here are some things to consider when asking how to build a Twitter following from scratch.

Should your business use emojis?

Should your business use emojis? In its most basic form, social media is simply a method of communication. Emojis are part of that communication. They are informal, personable and often inject a bit of humor into any digital conversation. So, as a business, should you use them? https://youtu.be/4zpNvN6SOFA Using emojis in your business communication online […]

10 Quick Live Tweeting Ideas That Will Make You Standout

Terri in the lucky 6 marketing office

10 Quick Live Tweeting Ideas That Will Make You Standout Live tweeting is real-world digital content at its best. Social media is all about immediacy and instant content. This strategy, and these 10 quick ideas, bring your audience into your world and makes your business real in the minds of your followers. It is as […]


Oscar Awards

#OscarsFail Admittedly the UK isn’t that crazy about the Oscars. Granted there will be those that watch the entrance to see whose wearing what, in years past I have done the same. But this year I was totally oblivious to the Oscars, until 6am this morning when I checked Twitter to see the #OscarsFail memes […]

Emoji Power

screenshot of emojis

Emoji Power Instagram has recently announced its 10 most used emojis of 2016 and surprisingly most of them involve a heart. Since the bygone days of MySpace emojis have been a big thing. From the classic colon and closed bracket 🙂 or the more complex cuddling Kirby creatures (>”)> <(“<) to the 2,800+ emojis currently […]

Your invite to the Lucky 6 Barbecue

Your invite To The Lucky 6 Barbecue Join us this month for our first ever barbeque! Free food, free drinks and a fantastic networking opportunity. Our belated celebration of the new Lucky 6 Marketing office in Preston.Are you going to come down? If so let our very own Terri Juniper know with a quick email […]

Pokemon Go & Social Media

Pokemon Go & Social Media Last week Pokémon Go swept the UK, and the Lucky 6 Offices. As Pokémon was a childhood favourite of mine, I was particularly excited to download the app and catch ‘em all. Now, augmented reality is never as awesome as you see on the adverts, but Pokémon has brought AR […]