Corporate Photography

Photographs are globally recognised. A picture can capture a moment, convey an emotion and say in an instant what would take paragraphs to convey. Photography and marketing go hand in hand, everywhere you look online and offline, photography plays a vital role.

Over the past few years, we have been tasked by clients to shoot products, staff, workplaces and even dogs. Great corporate photography is the pursuit of framing a shot correctly, setting the camera to capture everything at its best and then actually capturing what you want. 

We love this process and its results. There is something extra special about capturing an amazing photograph and then seeing it do well for our clients online. 

Photography for Ribby Hall Village - New Uniform Group
photography of Ribby Hall Village scarf and tie

The Value of Corporate Photography

Photography is a technical pursuit and an art form. Corporate photographers understand the science behind optics, light, colour and perspective. Combined with this is their understanding and experience using professional-grade cameras.

Below are a few reasons why you should choose a professional:


From a higher resolution to sharper images with vivid colours. Knowing how to use a camera to produce deeper contrasts and greater depth of field takes skill. It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing your business or products in the form of amazing photos and then seeing these perform well on social media.

Idea development

knowing what is possible and which choices are the best is one of the core benefits a photographer will bring to your marketing. Setting up room sets for photography is 50% of the shoot. Get your setup right and framing the subject correctly will make a vast difference to the appearance of your photographs.

Efficient workflow

the production of content for social media can take a long time. This is particularly true for photography. A skilled photographer can shoot over 400 images in a three-hour session with over 70 striking images for use after. Knowing how to work efficiently takes experience. You do not want to be experimenting on a shoot that is costing you money.

Post-production magic

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are extremely powerful tools and take many years to learn. A good photographer will be proficient in both of these allowing them to enhance images another 40% This results in images that are modern, sharp and striking. 

File formats

often overlooked, file formats are incredibly important. Every social media platform has different restrictions on maximum file upload sizes, as well as displaying images differently. This is also true for website search engine optimisation. Photos need to be the smallest file size possible while also looking their best. 

A Good Photo is a Business Asset

Multimedia is king in the digital world. Having great brand assets, such as professional photos and videos will significantly improve your digital marketing. 

Choosing to use corporate photography is an investment in your brand and therefore an investment in how your business is perceived by everyone online. 

However, it is not just digital marketing, professional photos are also incredibly useful for:

This photoshoot captured all the features of a bespoke marquee party for use on the organisers website, blog and social media profiles.

Your Digital Marketing Photography Strategy

Good digital marketing requires a constant churn of content. Every week you will need copy for social media updates and, if possible, photos to go along with these updates.

Since 2011 we have perfected a content strategy that works for most businesses. It involves professional-grade photos and regular, more disposable images, taken on smartphones. 

The strategy is as follows:

  1. You have a professional photoshoot. This could be to capture images of your products, service, workplace or staff. These photos will be taken on a professional-grade DSLR by someone who has experience as a photographer. 
  2. Establish a daily routine for snapping photos on your smartphone. Think of these as the ‘behind-the-scenes’ insights that customers, friends and colleagues so often want to see. 
  3. Use these images in your weekly content plan. Strive to use one or two of the professional photos every week and the smartphone photos on the days where professional images are not used. 


The result: your social media and presence online become much more visual. This will significantly help with your overall communication objectives. 

The above is a generalised guide and can be adapted for specific situations. We are available to advise further via one of our bespoke training sessions and, of course, we can assist with the professional photos.  

A stunning room set created by Margaret Mason Florist for a private event in Blackpool. 

Photography from Lucky 6 Marketing

Workplace Photography

Employees and workplaces are often the biggest cost to businesses. Most don’t realise they can become the biggest marketing asset.

To establish a competitive position within your market sector you need to maintain unique selling points. Things that your business can do or things that your business have that are not easily copied by your competitors. Your workplace and employees represent such unique selling points. 

Profile your employees and your workplace in its best light. Capture hard work, dedication and passion. Good documentary-style photos will communicate your brand beliefs without having to say a word. 

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Product Photography

If you are selling products online you need professional photos. Communicate the quality of your products, high service standards and customer care with the use of striking pictures. 

It is common for many people to have hobby businesses and sell products online, especially via social media. Distinguish yourself as a professional rather than a hobbyist with clear, well-thought-out photos captured by a professional photographer.

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What’s the best way of showcasing the appeal or dog treats and toys? By hosting and photographing a doggy birthday party of course! 

Product backdrops don’t have to be plain white. Show depth, give an idea of size and add interesting dimensions to products with scenic sets, like this one!


Become approachable, friendly and accessible with a good headshot photo. Think of it as part of your brand. Your face is one of your unique selling points. Your competitors cannot copy it! (Unless they have surgery or something? But that’s a little extreme)

Make sure your headshot photo is up to date and taken within the last three years so that it accurately reflects what you look like. This makes you easier to recognise (very handy for networking or business events) and updating your profile picture can be a fantastic social media update. 

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Noun | PSYCHOLOGY | specialised

The human brain is hardwired for facial recognition. So ingrained is this biological need that we sometimes see faces in objects. It is human nature to scan the faces of those around oneself to recognise friend or foe. This can happen consciously and unconsciously. 

A good headshot for use online is essential to represent the digital version of you in the best light possible. 

Full Day Shoot

Up to 8 hours
£ 750 +vat
  • Professional photographer
  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Studio or location within Lancashire
  • Full post-production
  • Print and/or digital resolution images
  • Images held in an archive