We received an invite in the early afternoon. “LAN games tonight at the new office if you are interested?” It was a quick decision. How could we refuse a visit to our favourite creative genius and his creative sanctuary? Little did we know the night would present David Copperfield, a fully loaded table being flipped over with its contents smashing onto the floor, many boxes of wine, The Crystal Maze, a take away and an old but free coffee machine.

terri juniper lucky 6 creative people in lancashire


CurlyKale in Clifton

web design lancashire

We arrived to find everyone engrossed in a game of Total Annihilation. A personal favourite of mine. Soon this was followed with a game of Team Fortress which was short lived due to it being time to order the take away.

LAN games, David Copperfield and Crystal Maze in #Preston last night.

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Naturally a group of us gathered around the solid pine table at the top of the office to muse over YouTube videos that we took turns playing on the large TV. We were introduced to a video that proved David Copperfield could actually fly! That’s right. Flying for real. Without any wires or anything… or at least we were told.

The food order arrived (with the neatest handwriting ever) and the YouTube videos quickly became a full episode of The Crystal Maze. If you have a spare 40 minutes feel free to relive 90s TV below with this full episode.

Several hours later the evening drew to an end with a huge crash as one of the tables tipped over. All was fine apart from a colour changing light that spread all its wired innards when it hit the floor.

(LAN Party + Box Wine % Creative People = Table tipping)

preston table tipping 1



This is all well and good. You went to a party. So what?

Curly Kale office clifton at night

Well the point here is that Adam from CurlyKale has achieved something many businesses struggle to achieve. Otaku. When I say Otaku I mean it in the sense of how Seth Godin terms it in his 2003 Ted Talk

At Lucky 6 Marketing we believe very strongly in good honest marketing. We do not believe in playing systems and aggressively targeting markets. Good content published consistently will allow the target market to find you via natural means. During this process this same good content will transfer value to your target market.

Adam does the very same with his web design. He builds websites to suite the clients. He builds websites that are original and do not follow templates. He designs things because they will benefit the client.

The LAN party was an extension to these beliefs. A place for people within the creative industry who share the same beliefs to come together, chill out and exchange ideas. I can guarantee that all in that room were there because they love the creative industry. Yes making money is a bonus and needed but we also love the process of creating new things for our clients.

Maybe I am analysing it too much but this is how I feel. It is rare for me to meet businesses that inspire my as much as CurlyKale does. If you are willing to release just a little control of your brand and business I highly recommend you talk to Adam. He will set you on a direction that will free your business development.

After all I am writing this blog because of their direction. It was Adam who implemented the blog system on our website. Find out what Otaku means to you and seek out CurlyKale.


  • Bless you lovely folk. You’ll be happy to know the printer still works. Alas Corban1’s lamp has died 🙁 Will keep you posted of further gaming events. Always welcome down at the towers 🙂

    Will watch the ted video, never heard of the word before, although I don’t get out that much.

    Lovely beautiful lucky6. So sweet smelling. I bet you taste of apples x

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