Digital Marketing in the Lake District

Yes that’s right Terri and I hung up our business jackets for a weekend and drove to the relatively local Bowness-on-Windermere. We became well known last year for not having a holiday so Terri’s father actually bought us a weekend break. Lucky us!

Business in Bowness

Although on holiday we could not but help absorb just a little of the business culture in this most popular tourist area. It was rather different than central Lancashire and a most interesting place.

Oakfold BnB

We were very lucky to find ourselves staying at Oakfold House, chosen from the many in Bowness by Terri’s father. Being BnB virgins we were not quite sure what to expect but I can assure you we were pleasantly surprised. Oakfold is an excellent BnB.

The two owners of this fantastic BnB are inspirational. Young, service orientated and with an eye for detail our stay was most enjoyable. They managed to run the large BnB and keep on top of all their own digital marketing. Obviously I ended up chatting about social media to them but had to hold myself back as we were supposed to be on holiday.

Small Businesses in Bowness

On our travels we saw many old style shops, restaurants and hotels. It was refreshing to see many independent businesses and only a few of the large chains. Even more encouraging was the sight of all the “Find us on Facebook” signs in the windows of these businesses. A great local community building a strong online community.

Our return home

Once we arrived back we checked in with Terri’s father. Obviously he wanted to know if we enjoyed our holiday. We showed him the photos and told him the stories of the stay. Finally we asked him how he found Oakfold House and his answer was most astonishing. We had thought maybe it had been a recommendation. He had in fact found them online!

Terri’s father, rather new to the internet, had simply “Googled” BnB’s in Bowness-on-Windermere. Many results came back, one of which was Oakfold house. So what made this one stand out? Terri’s father explained “It had the most reviews and all of them were very positive.”

Our whole weekend away from social media and business life had come about because of social media and digital marketing. Isn’t it just amazing how lucky a business can become from well planned and managed social media? Well done to the team at Oakfold House. You have an amazing business and make great use of your digital marketing assets. Thank you for making us feel so at home.

P.S – Shout out to the bwd blog

As you may know we blog for Beverly Woods Design in Lytham and it was our pleasure to see another one of her projects in person. The Bowness visitor centre. Interior layout designed by Bev and her team. I did not realise it was by the lake in Bowness and was happy to see it in its natural location. If you are ever in the area take a look inside and read about its design here: bwd blog – New look for Bowness.

Have you ever been to Bowness? If so what do you think of the area and the business community there?

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  1. Hi Lee,

    Thank you for the mention on your blog. This is much appreciated. We are very pleased that you enjoyed your stay at Oakfold House. We are sorry we missed you original message on Twitter, a bit rude of us. Please forgive us.

    We hope that you are both well.

    Max and Marnie