Facebook Data – 5 ways to inform your marketing

Facebook is, in essence, one of the largest databases on earth! Did you know they share some Facebook data with any business that has a page on their platform? More importantly, are you using this data to your advantage?

Below we have listed just five of the key ways you can quickly access this data to help inform future marketing for your business.

Amazing Local Data

If your business has a high street presence or retail area this section of Facebook Insights will be really interesting to you. Drill down into the metrics of your local audience and find out when the busiest hour of activity is during the week within your postcode. You can also find the following:

  • Number of people on Facebook within 10 kilometres of your business (EG. We have 180,000)
  • Top age group
  • The number of people on Facebook within your postcode that live and travel into the area
  • Demographics of people within 50 meters of your business

Attention-grabbing Videos

It is essential your Facebook content strategy now contains video. Check this section of Facebook insights to truly understand why it is essential.

The key metric within this section is the total of minutes viewed. This is solid evidence of how many minutes your uploaded videos have held the attention of your audience. The higher the number the better you are doing.

Take it a step further and divide the total minutes viewed by the number of video views to work out your average video watch time. A great way to measure the sticking power of your content.

Study your Facebook audience

One of the cornerstones to success on Facebook is the development of a successful audience. By this, we mean an audience of users, people that follow your page, made up predominantly of people that are interested in your business, service or product.

Audience location metrics and more can be found under the ‘People’ tab on your Facebook Page Insights. This data is important for any business that targets a geographical location. For example, we are a social media marketing agency in Preston. We work with businesses throughout Lancashire. Therefore the vast majority of our Facebook page audience needs to be from Lancashire.

Your reach on Facebook

This is a great general metric worth checking at least every week. We recommend looking at this in the ‘Overview’ section of your insights. Scroll down to your ‘Most Recent Posts’ section and review the reach of all your most recent posts. Within seconds you will gain an idea of which posts have worked better than others.

You will find reach is tied in with engagements. The more engagements you receive the higher the reach of that particular update. Use this data to plan future updates and deliver content your audience wish to see.

Delve into your Facebook data

Take your Facebook analysis to the next level by downloading your raw data. Using this option will give you every single data point for every update you have published. Powerful but often confusing. If you love spreadsheets and data this is the option for you.

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