Is Instagram Going To Stop You Sharing Feed Posts Into Stories?

There is rumour Instagram is testing a feature that will prevent sharing feed posts to the story section. If this rumour is accurate, we can think of two reasons why Instagram may want to push out this update:


1.      Instagram has advised against sharing feed posts to the story section as it serves content to users twice. In essence, this activity makes the story section less attractive. So they could be legitimately trying to improve the overall Instagram experience.

2.      Many users ask for story shares as an entry requirement into a competition. Could this be Instagram’s way of restricting the organic reach of competitions, which would lead people to boost and advertise content instead?

Instagram is pushing heavily for its users to create bespoke content for their platform. From original feed posts, story updates, Reels and IGTV. No small task considering the amount of work it would take the average users to create and publish this variety of content daily.

With wider speculation stating that daily user activity has stalled on Facebook since 2020 and the threat of TikTok, this all feels like Instagram is desperate to achieve two things. Firstly, to improve their overall user experience, so people use their platform more. Secondly, to win users from TikTok.

It feels like a clash of wills. Users on Instagram, particularly businesses, wish to publish content efficiently to engage their audience. Instagram wants its users to spend all their time on its platform. Indeed the answer to both these motivations is to have a more straightforward platform that does a few things very well. Just what Instagram used to be when it started. Just what TikTok is now!

2021 is going to be a fascinating year for social media development. With large scale platform change in the air, there will be opportunities for users to develop their accounts.

Would you be annoyed if Instagram stopped you sharing feed posts into the story section? Would you be willing to make bespoke content for the Instagram feed, stories, reels and IGTV? 

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