Live Social Media From Best of Britannia

Last week we had the pleasure of heading down to the old post office in Preston to help Beverley Wood Design at the Best of Britannia event #BoBNorth.

If you didn’t come to this event, which was open all weekend, then you really did miss out. It was excellent. The concept was ace, the businesses there were unparalleled and the atmosphere was peppy.

Live Social Media in the heart of Preston

We found ourselves at the setup and first media day of the Best of Britannia because of our excellent client Bev, from Beverley Wood Design. A leading interior architect Bev is very well known for being an ace networker and a stringent supporter of students from UCLan.

Lucky for us Bev asked us to help out with a little social media support and collection of media for her blog. It was an offer we could not refuse.

Take a look at this video that we threw together from a few short clips we shot while at the event:

As you can see in the video Bev even promoted Lucky 6 Marketing! The PR value of this was just priceless. We made several new contacts and connected with many from the past because of our presence at #BoBNorth. Thank you Bev for your support.

Inside the old post office at #BoBNorth

The old post office building in Preston has always been one of our favourites so it was great to see inside it. Long-time fans of Urbex Images on Google we managed to shoot the following pictures of the interior of the building. Not hard-core Urbex content but we did enjoy exploring the public-friendly building thanks to #BoBNorth.

(Find out more about Urbex by searching the term on Google and Instagram).

To be honest this gig was not a difficult job because we had such a fantastic time at the event. We also enjoyed speaking to the other businesses there. See below for the highlights.

Business Highlights at the Preston #BoBNorth

Over the two days that we were at #BoBNorth we had the pleasure of chatting to many businesses. From those conversations, we have put together the following highlights and businesses in Lancashire that you need to watch.

Beverley Wood Design – www.bwd.uk.com

Of course, we have to give Bev a huge shout out as we would not have been at the event without her invite. The team at Beverley Wood Design worked tirelessly to create the amazing space in room 21 with the printed graphic wall being a particular highlight.

Did you manage to visit Bev in room 21? Which part of her space was your favourite?

Freddies Fruit Larger – www.freddiesfruitlager.co.uk

It was great to see Freddies Fruit at the event. We met them a year ago as they launched their new product in the UK and it was great to see them still developing their business and growing. It was quickly decided, after a free sample, that we prefer the Mango Fruit Larger. Which do you prefer?

Scomadi – www.scomadi.co.uk

One of our favourite brands at Best of Britannia. I’m sure the team at Scomadi heard many times “I didn’t know the North West manufactured scooters.” With quite a standout product we are sure you will see this brand popping up quite a bit more in Lancashire.

UPSO – http://upsobags.co.uk

It was a pleasure to meet the owner of this business as he spoke to Bev in room 21. A fantastic concept and a new venture. We shot the following video on Friday towards the end of the day.


Quick video from #BoBNorth in #Preston last week. UPSO – upcycled bags.

A video posted by @lucky6marketing on

Bough To Beauty – b2b4b.co.uk

We thought these badges were ace. The orange ones, in particular, will look quite good with our names in them. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and contact them if you like the badges, they were very friendly and helpful to us!

Walking on Glass – www.walkingonglass.co.uk

“You can try it on if you like?” Alexis said as I took this photo. We got chatting and it turns out he already knows Bev. If you have the chance take a look at some of his work close up do not hesitate. The amount of detail is just staggering and the skill involved is immense.

Deni Deni – www.deni-deni.com

A great family firm with some of the most interesting products. We know very little about leather but what we could easily see was that their products were of the highest quality. If you ever get the chance to talk to anyone from Deni then please do. They really know their craft and the passion is clearly visible.

They are our highlights but what are yours? Feel free to comment below and thanks for reading.