Lucky Tip: Tweeting on the go!

Real world digital content at its best. Social media is all about immediacy and instant content. This strategy brings your audience into your world and makes your business real in the minds of your followers.

It is as simple as it sounds but still takes dedication and consistency over time, including when you are busy or tired. Tweet on the go and see how it goes.

10 Quick ideas for tweeting on the go!

Use the following ideas to inspire your real world tweeting and updates. Feel free to add and develop your own ideas but use the following as a start.

Off to a networking event? Tweet about it before you go, while you are there and after the event. Check for event hashtags and make sure these are included. It’s a great way to develop a new community and connecting with others who are also at the event.

Great instant content if you are an exhibitor or just attending. Tweet photos of your favourite display and again keep an eye out for the event hashtag.

Who are you having a meeting with today? Tell your online community where you are to demonstrate that you are motivated, busy and working. If you are concerned about security don’t give everything away. Just saying that you are at a meeting can be enough.

Morning coffee
A coffee picture is always enjoyed online. Tweeting about your morning coffee makes you human, it makes you relatable and also makes your audience feel like they have access to you. These are powerful marketing concepts.

Visiting clients
Working on an exciting client project? Let your audience know. Why worry about trying to communicate how good you are when you can just show it with real client work.

Team meetings
Having a skilled team is a huge business asset. Show this off and show the skills of your team by broadcasting your meetings. You do not have to give away meeting content but show your audience that these meetings happen.

Birthdays in the office
The vast majority of people enjoy a good birthday. Make your team feel loved and promote this in-house celebration online. If the birthday girl or boy is embarrassed you don’t have to give everything away online. A photo of just the cards or cake will be enough.

See something cool
If something grabs your attention while out and about make sure you share it. Just remember, if it grabs your attention it will most likely do the same with your online audience.

Out for lunch
Breaking the usual routine and enjoying a lunch out of the office? Share a photo on Twitter. Food is always a winning piece of content online so use this to your advantage.

Looking for recommendations
Need suggestions for a local service? Ask on Twitter. It will draw your community in and get everyone interacting.


Mix the above real world content with your regular marketing output for a winning combination. The big advantage to these types of updates are that they prove you are proactively using your account rather than it being automated. This adds significant value to your profile.

Next time you are out and about or doing something interesting try tweeting on the go!

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