Outsource or in-house?

When it comes to managing your social media you have two choices. Firstly, you can hire a social media firm to manage your online profiles. Secondly, you can assign someone inhouse the role of updating and maintaining your online profiles. With either choice there are advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few quick tips that could prove invaluable when it comes to managing social media.

6 Dos and Don’ts when hiring a social media firm.

1. Do make sure they understand your business, your ambitions and plans for the future. Good social media is long term so it is important that content is developed for a long term strategy.

2. Don’t ask for content to be published at the very last minute. Social media never stops. Therefore it is only practical to work ahead of yourselves. Avoid the temptations to make your online profiles the last task of the day.

3. Do hire a firm you trust. If you are paying them to manage your online presence you have to trust their skill and judgment. A good social media firm will not post content for the sake of content. There should be an objective behind each update.

4. Don’t micromanage your social media firm. The art of managing multiple online profiles is not easy. Micromanaging will throw a spanner in the intricate procedures that a professional firm will have in place to manage updates over time.

5. Do have regular contact with your social media firm. They are your online voice so it is important they know up-to-date business news. Often the mundane tasks of the real world can be social media gold!

6. Don’t expect instant sales. Social media is not sales; it is online marketing and PR. Know the difference between the two.

6 Dos and Don’ts when setting up in-house social media

1. Do pick the right candidate for the job. Often businesses pick the youngest member of their team simply because they are young. You should pick someone who loves to learn about social media and can write great copy.

2. Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Online promotion is not a magic bullet to solve all your business woes. It is part of your marketing mix and part of your overall business plan.

3. Do plan your online activities. As with anything in business you need to know where you are and where you want to go. If you fail to plan with social media you will find you lose direction and your message will be inconsistent and lacking value.

4. Don’t micromanage your social media personnel. See point four above. This is so important we had to list it twice!

5. Do get professional advice and allow time for learning. Good social media is difficult. Don’t lumber someone in your team with this task without any help or backup.

6. Don’t expect an overnight success. Online relationship building and community development takes time. You must understand that the great profiles out there have taken years to develop so look at your online activities as long-term projects.

Have the tips been of help to you? Maybe you feel we have missed something out? If so please add your thoughts below. Thanks for reading the latest Lucky 6 Marketing blog post.

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