Ember Wood Fired Oven Photoshoot

Food pictures and social media go hand in hand. So when the Alfresco Chef approached us to photograph their latest product, the Ember Wood Fired Oven, we knew it would be an exciting and tasty challenge. 

We have worked with Alfresco Chef for many years and have watched their range of wood-fired ovens grow from concept to finished product. The latest oven to join the product range is the Ember, and to introduce the new product, we were approached to create stock images and feature videos for use online and in stores.

Ember Wood Fired Oven

The Ember wood-fired oven is the smallest oven of the Alfresco Chef range. With a cooking floor of 33cm x 33cm, the Ember is perfect for gardens and balconies of any size. It also features folding legs and a removable chimney, making it ideal for camping trips, festivals, and picnics!

Despite its small size, the Ember can create a wide range of dishes. From classic pizza to nachos and even more advanced dishes such as homemade bread. Other wood-fired ovens of this size in the market can’t facilitate larger dishes, so this versatility is a defining feature of the Ember.

The Project Outline

The Alfresco Chef oven range is distributed throughout garden centres and regularly promoted at events. To create the most impact, visuals are an essential part of the marketing process. Therefore, we needed to develop a range of images showcasing the product, accessories and demonstrating the oven’s capabilities.

We were also tasked with creating a short feature video that distributors could use in-store on TV displays to support the images. In addition, the client wanted to demonstrate the simple lighting process and the oven’s versatility. Finally, we would need to create a quick ‘how to’ video with supporting images showing a selection of recipes and dishes.

Whether online, on TV or in shops, food updates are always compelling marketing materials. Every person needs to eat, so show them a vivid picture of food when they are hungry and you will tap into one of their basic instincts.

The task was straightforward. Appealing images of food supported by short ‘how to’ videos that demonstrated the simplicity of using the oven. This would involve food. Lots of food!

The Photoshoot

We hosted the photoshoot onsite at our Preston offices. Making use of our cobbled courtyard and rural backdrop, the setting was perfect for showcasing the Ember. Our Managing Director, Lee Giacopazzi, was behind the camera whilst Creative Director Terri Juniper worked as both assistant and coordinator.

The shoot was divided into three sections. The first part focused on the Ember oven, showcasing its size and creating general visuals suitable for use on printed materials and websites.

The second section involved food, and lots of it! Working to time constraints, we had to get creative when it came to cooking. All dishes were prepared in the Lucky 6 kitchen and then taken outside to be cooked on the Ember. For almost three hours, different dishes were created, cooked, photographed and consumed. It was a food conveyor belt!

To ensure the Ember appealed to a broader market, we wanted to showcase how easy it is to use. To do so, we made a short video that involved lighting the oven and adding the fuel. A simple process, but one that may seem daunting if you have no experience lighting ovens. We also took this opportunity to film several dishes cooking on the Ember to create an informative and captivating video:

The Ember Wood Fired Oven

Thanks to our extensive experience working with multiple social media accounts, we knew the style of images we wanted to achieve and which would be most suitable for use online and in print. We always strive to maximise all the visuals from our photoshoots. We create GIFs from smaller video clips and generate shorter 5-30 second videos from footage for use as social media posts. All images are framed with a range of social media platforms in mind, so we create set images to comply with the brief. We go above and beyond to make as much content as we possibly can from the session.

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