Glee 2021

Complimentary beer, smoked beef jerky and endless banter with the Traeger team? Who would pass up this adventure?

We ventured to the NEC in Birmingham for Glee, the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living show. Showing off their innovative range of wood pellet grills, Traeger is the BBQ world’s rock star. Glee is a landmark show for Traeger, and as such, everyone was invited to help out and make the event something to remember.

Behind the scenes – Lee's Glee Vlog

Our first time on a train since the pandemic lockdown. It felt like a true adventure, so Lee took his camera to capture the journey and event.

Our Objectives at Glee

There were three reasons for us to attend the Glee show with Traeger.

  1. Lee was to capture much-needed photos and videos of the Traeger team. This is excellent content for us on LinkedIn and use within the Traeger sphere.
  2. Terri was to assist on the Traeger stand and chat with potential dealers. This means no opportunity was missed and there was an extra person to help consume the wine.
  3. We further understand the Traeger UK marketing needs by chatting with the broader team and existing and potential buyers.

The Traeger Grills Video from Glee 2021

The following video is the final video produced from our visit to Glee. We hope you agree that the ‘Traegerhood’ culture is captured as well as the uniqueness of the stand.