Paramount Aparthotel

Video Production For A Luxury Aparthotel In Lytham St Annes

Learn about our video production service in Lytham St Annes for Paramount Aparthotel Situated in the Fyle Coast, in a beautiful Victorian building, Paramount Aparthotel offers executive accommodation to golfers, key workers and young professionals from across the world. Paramount Aparthotel is perfect for medium to long-term stays in the Fylde area and has been finished to an exceptionally high standard. Guests often stay in excess of six months at a time. 

With an eye for detail and excellent customer service, the owners have achieved an enviable 9.9 on Booking.com. This extremely high rating has been attained for two years running. Consisting of five individual apartments over two stories Paramount Aparthotel offers choice as well as a consistently high standard of room. In fact, it is not uncommon for those staying at these apartments to extend their stay.

Video Production Lytham St Annes – Our work for Paramount Aparthotel

As well as supporting Paramount Aparthotel with social media basics, such as establishing social media profiles, we were commissioned to create a feature video that would demonstrate the outstanding quality of the apartments. Whilst onsite filming, 360-degree photographs were taken of individual rooms for use on Facebook.

The breif was simple, to profile the aparthotel, focusing on the little details that make the fatilities exceptional. For this we would focus mainly on interior shots, focosing on the individual rooms, original features and high quality finishes that can be seen throughout the building.

The video production in Lytham St Annes took place over a half day shoot. We started with external shots, profiling the stunning Victorian characteristics of the building and making the most of the natural sunlight. 

Moving throughout the building we captured the interior shots, focusing on the intricacy of each room and its unique design. The furniture throughout the apart hotel has been hand selected, furnishings are carefully chosen and decor is regularly updated to maintain the high standards guests expect.

We  wanted to capture these little details using a variety of shots. Smoothing panning shots would capture the room whilst aperture shots focus on the little details that can be found in every room. 

As we moved throughout the building we rearranged utensils and added homely features to truly reflect the cosy and welcoming atmosphere within the apart-hotel. 

After capturing as much footage as possible from the session, it’s back to the studio for editing. The video’s intention was for multiple uses across a range of platforms including Facebook, YouTube and the Paramount Aparthotel website. This required a range of edits to fit the different platforms.

YouTube videos can be much longer and in great detail however videos for Facebook and Twitter are more effective when more concise. It’s for this reason we create multiple edits rather than one as one size doesn’t fit all.

The Finished Paramount Aparthotel Video

Here you can watch the final video cut made for the website header image and Facebook cover video. It comprises of a range of rooms shots as well as details panning shots that highlight the little details that make Paramount Aparthotel so unique to the Lytham St Annes area. If you would like to discuss your video production needs and your located within the Lytham St Annes or surrounding areas. We would be happy to help.