Shout Network

Videos, photos and social media management for Shout Network. Lancashire’s leading business network.

With over 15 networking groups throughout Lancashire, Shout Network is a well known and liked local business. Their informal relaxed style sets them apart as a network provider and has, over the years, allowed them to establish a strong community of businesses that attend social gatherings and pass substantial business.


Lucky 6 Marketing and Shout Network

Our story with Shout Network began in 2011 when Lucky 6 was a new business start-up. The prospect of being able to meet with 30 or more businesses in a morning was highly appealing as was the relaxed nature of the Shout meetings.

Instantly it proved a huge success with five new clients being won within the first two months. This was the beginnings of Lucky 6 Marketing. We have remained members since this early success and have since won many more clients from Shout meetings and made many good friends.


Management of the Shout Network Social Media

Shout Network approached Lucky 6 Marketing to manage their social media in 2015 following the huge success of the Lancashire Business Expo. Due to the growing success of Shout Network time was severely limited which had a direct impact on their social media.

With a strong and active online community Shout wished to engage with their current, new and potential members online. This is where Lucky 6 Marketing were tasked to assist. Within a week a full digital marketing strategy was in place and being acted upon.


Promoting upcoming events and groups – with over 15 fortnightly groups throughout Lancashire it was important to promote the widespread success of Shout as well as informing members what groups they could attend that week.

Regular publication of available sectors within groups – Shout groups are single sector, so people can attend knowing they will not have to compete for business. Sector availability and its publication was an important part of the digital strategy.

Supporting members with responsive retweets – many members of Shout are active on Twitter. This community was supported, nurtured and promoted via a responsive retweeting strategy.  This led to a much-improved reach on Twitter

Photos from joint meetings – the members are key at networking events and in essence Shout is all about people. This lead to our photo strategy of publishing regular albums on Facebook of the members. This significantly improved Shout’s PR on Facebook and developed the community on another key platform.


The Results

The above activities resulted in the following yearly average for Shout Network on social media.

From just under 700 tweets published we generated 404,000 impressions and 1070 retweets.

From 225 posts on Facebook, we reached 97,700 timelines, 13,100 of which were users that did not follow the Shout Network page. During this time, we also generated 570 likes and 2300 photo views. All the above was from organic content. We did not use any paid promotions during this time.


Videos for Shout Network in Lancashire

As part of the Shout Network website redesign that took place in October – November 2017, we were tasked with the production of several videos over two shoot days. The objective of these videos was to significantly improve the reputation of Shout Network and add a new visual aspect to their online presence.

The first video was to profile the structure and format of the Shout Network meetings that take place fortnightly. With a well planned, expertly shot and professionally produced video it was possible to break through initial barriers some new businesses may experience when thinking about attending a meeting.

In less than a minute the friendly, open and relaxed atmosphere at a Shout meeting was conveyed. Key members took part in the video and it was shot at The Villa Hotel in Lytham, an actual meeting location.

This video has since been used for the Shout Network website cover, Facebook cover and on social media.

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