Whitehead and Aldrich

Giving Whitehead & Aldrich the edge over competitors with creative digital marketing.

Whitehead & Aldrich have been established for over 100 years and despite their strong heritage are tech and social savvy. They have always had a strong presence on Twitter since the platform became popular but asked us to assist with management and creative content to enhance their profile.

2 million potential views every month

On average Whitehead and Aldrich in Preston have 2 million total possible tweet views every month. This huge number signifies that their brand message is certainly being broadcast far and wide on Twitter.

Over 100 Retweets a month

An average of 4.35 retweets a day is evidence of their strong and supportive community on Twitter. It is also a sign that the content we publish is of value to their audience. Every time their message is retweeted their brand is broadcast to a wider audience.

An average of 180 mentions a month

By developing an engaging and active community Whitehead and Aldrich have managed to build a strong community online. This is reflected in the high numbers of mentions with a daily average of 5.4.

“Lucky 6 Marketing have been a breath of fresh air. There are many social media “Gurus” out there it is difficult to know who to trust with the reputation of your business. Well the search is over.

The guys at Lucky 6 are awesome and I trust them implicitly with all our social media platforms. They can even make accountants appear exciting. No, really!

I would not hesitate to recommend them to handle your social media even if, like me, you are very competent at it. The time saved is much better used working on your business rather than in it.”

– Jonathan Hughes-Deane. Whitehead & Aldrich Chartered Accountants

Whitehead and Aldrich have over seven thousand followers on Twitter but with well-planned and creative content the average audience for their updates is now over two million per month. Making their online profile significantly influential and well broadcast.


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