Postal Coffee

If you saw a sponsored update on Facebook that read “The best coffee you’ve ever made” would you click it?

I did and I ended up buying coffee through the post!

What is Pact Coffee?

My very first mobile phone back in 1999! (Now i feel old).

Parcels in the post are as exciting to me as receiving a text message back in 1999 when I first got a mobile phone. I just love the anticipation! Knowing there is something there for you.

Well imagine if this something was freshly roasted coffee and not only that but this coffee arrives every single week through the post. This is Pact Coffee.

A genius of an idea where coffee is sourced, profiled on their website, roasted, packaged and posted immediately to you. Fresh coffee to improve the taste!

The Verdict – Postal Coffee

It works and it’s good coffee. To be honest it’s more the whole experience I like. Their service is ace. After trying my first coffee from them I received a nice call from a very polite gentleman just to ask if everything was ok. This was just above and beyond customer service.

Their website is cool, trendy and easy to use and the packages have loads on useful info on them. However, the cost is a little steep for me. At just over £8 a delivery it soon racks up over a month. Not to fear though you simply ask for one delivery a month, as I have done. That way you are still getting something and it’s not too pricy.

Have you ever tried postal coffee? In fact what is the best coffee you have every had?

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