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Your very own social media team. Strategy design, bespoke content creation, publishing, community management and analytics evaluation.

Social media, Preston, Lancashire. Digital content written in one location that communicates around the world 24/7. Like a pub where you meet often with your friends. It is a gathering of like-minded people, a digital community. Social media can be an intimate conversation or a broadcast that reaches far and wide. Make this amazing modern marketing tool work for your business with our social media management service.

Lucky 6 Marketing – experienced social media, Preston.

Eager to begin your journey of excellence on social media?

Get in contact and let’s organise a meeting. Social media management Lancashire is our most popular service. Publishing consistent updates over time will develop your brand and communicate professionalism to your target market.

Social media offers a unique opportunity to broadcast to your market wherever they are. Your messages, brand, product and service can land right in their pocket. Appear in the palm of their hands as they check their smartphone. Place your business ahead of the curve and embrace cutting edge marketing.

As an established social media marketing firm in Preston, Lancashire we have the experience and knowledge to fast-track your online success.

What can you expect from great social media?

“Great social media will significantly improve your brand recognition within your target market. With a consistent message over time, which is compelling and well thought out, you will find sales happen easier. Successful social media will bring your customers to you and generate regular leads.”

Lee Giacopazzi, Managing Director, Lucky 6 Marketing

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Excellent social media management for your business

We specialise in digital marketing and in particular social media Preston. With this comes a focused understanding of modern digital marketing. In particular, we have much experience managing social media in Lancashire for the following business types:

Many of our clients are family run businesses. As a family business ourselves we fully understand the huge benefits of working with those closest to you and also, the common marketing challenges.

We often see second generation businesses undergoing development as the new generation move into management. Culture is changing as is the sales and marketing environment. Technologies develop fast and what once worked, now returns fewer results.

With an established customer base, developed over many years you see regular sales. However, you are well aware that new customers are purchasing from you less and less.

It is at this point that our clients turn to us. Why waste time trying to figure out what works well, when we can make it work for you instantly? As the managers of the business your time is critically important.

You simply tell us what you want to achieve and we will make it happen on social media or advise on what is possible. Take the guesswork out of the equations and get on with running your business.

Let’s work together and keep your amazing family business trading for many more years to come.

We know every business needs your service. IT is a critical component for modern businesses. But you face a huge challenge. How do you communicate the benefits of your complex products and technical services?

As experienced social media specialise and talented copywriters we can do this for you. Reduce the technical talk down to simple and compelling features and benefits. Not only this, we will place these strong call-to-action incentives directly in front of your audience with careful management of your social media profiles.

Educate your target market over time, maintain your brand presence and influence business owners is a winning and achievable strategy for your business. We can do this for you.

Trading in a highly competitive industry with highly regulated standards we understand the difficulties you face. In fact, one of our oldest clients is Whitehead and Aldrich, an accountancy firm in Preston which has been trading for over 100 years. We have managed their social media since we were established.

Since 2011 we have managed many social media profiles for IFAs, insurance providers and accountants. Even though there are many things you cannot say as a regulated financial business there are also many opportunities.

Knowing how to use social media and connect with your target market is a significant advantage to your business. Let us navigate the regulations on your behalf and place your excellent service in front of new and existing customers.

As a hospitality or catering company, your products and services are made for social media. Presented correctly your daily activities will be viewed far and wide on social media.

Since our inception in 2011, we have worked with many events and catering companies just like yours. We fully understand the unsociable hours, seasonal work and high-pressure deadlines. We have a system that allows you to send us photos and videos quickly and we will take care of the rest.

You spend time doing what you love and we will make you stand out online. After all, your work speaks for itself. Now let’s make sure everyone sees it.

Great social in Preston, Lancashire. What does it involve?

“Content is key. Successful social media requires great copy, stand out graphics, professional photography and even dynamic video content. This process needs to work for you and work in your business and that is exactly what we offer.

If you need full time support services or quarterly consultation meetings to create strategies for your team, we can help”

Terri Juniper, Creative Director, Lucky 6 Marketing.

We were one of the first digital marketing companies in Lancashire to offer a fully managed social media service. As such, we have many years’ experience delivering effective social media campaigns.

Below are the six stages of our service that lead to significant improvements to your lead generation. 

The initial meeting in which we get a thorough understanding of your business, its product, service and your aspirations. We will get all the information from you that we need to log in and begin management of your accounts.

Following the initial meeting, our team will conduct extensive research. We will want to know more about your sector, business and marketplace. This research will be conducted by ourselves with attention paid to features, benefits and unique selling points.

Within less than a week we will begin creating content for your business. From tweets to Facebook updates and graphics. Depending on what was agreed within the meeting we may even shoot videos or snap a few documentary style photos.

All content will be sent to you for signoff in the initial months. This way you can be assured of the quality and tone of the content.

We get to work bringing your social media accounts alive. This is where the magic happens. All the carefully crafted content will be published daily, and we will log in to take personal charge of the accounts.

From years of experience, we know how to manage all social media accounts and will make sure your business is connecting with the right people. Over time your business will become a notable profile on your social platforms of choice.

Every metric can be tracked on social media. This is what makes it such a powerful marketing tool. In this stage, we will download all your raw data and analyse it in detail to see which updates stand out and why? From these analytics and our experience, we will be able to determine what is working, what your target market is interested in and how we need to develop social media on a continuing basis.

The final step in the process we summarise our finding and feed them back to you in a bespoke report. Our team gets together, discusses the content and the results with conclusions being drawn. From this, we set the following month’s strategy and objectives.

We then go back to stage three and begin the process again.

See what social media Preston looks like. View just some of our projects here.

Doing the maths

We know as a business that employs one to fifteen members of staff you require great social media. To achieve this you have two choices, you can hire a full-time social media person to work within your office or you can hire us.

When hiring a full-time digital marketer, consider the following:

  • Skilled digital marketers are hard to find in Lancashire, let alone those who are good at social media.

  • Often, newly employed social media personnel will end up working on other admin or marketing tasks and over time you will find your social media output diminish.

  • Individuals who are passionate about social media are in short supply. Believe us, you must be passionate about this subject to keep up with its developments.

  • You may find suitable employees who have qualifications in marketing and social media, but you will rarely find those with the relevant experience.

  • If you were lucky and managed to find a skilled social media marketer who would be happy to work for minimum wage, then your monthly full-time wage cost would be over £1,250 per month. This does not include time taken to train, admin and supervise this person.

Why pay a full-time member of staff £1,250 per month when we can do a better job for just £599+VAT

Why Choosing Lucky 6 Marketing is your best choice:

For less than the price of one full-time employee, you get a team of dedicated, passionate and hard-working experts in social media, Preston.

We have developed our social media management service to be a ‘turn-key’ operation. This means no assembly or setup is needed. When you choose us, your social media will be up and running in less than a week.

With access to many social media accounts, we know how everything is moving in the wider Lancashire landscape. We see and adapt to trends before others even notice them.

For a single fee per month, you receive professional copywriters, photographers, videographers, graphic designers and bespoke analytics. Eager to begin your journey of excellence on social media?

Get in contact and let’s organise a meeting.

Social media, Preston. Your digital marketing solution. 

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