Social Media in July 2016

That’s right it is August already! Only 30 days ago we were saying the same about July. How has your month been? If, like us, you have been very busy then you may enjoy the updates below. We present you with the key social media developments from July 2016.  

The blue badge of Twitter

The holy grail of Twitter – the blue tick. In its most simple form it just verifies an account but to social media nerds it is a badge of honour, an Olympic medal and a true achievement… or at least it used to be. This month Twitter announce an online application process for Twitter account verification. Making the process slightly easier. Will this improved process reduce the value of this badge that sits next to your Twitter profile? At Lucky 6 Marketing we think maybe not. You still need a valid reason to apply for your account to be verified. Twitter states the account will only be “verified if it is determined to be of public interest.” So typically this would include public figures and organizations in:
  • Music
  • TV and film
  • Fashion
  • Government and politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Sports
To get a blue badge you will still have to prove you and your profile are worthy. So, is your profile worthy? And will you apply?  

Ice Bucket Challenge leads to scientific breakthrough

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? If you took part, we guarantee you do remember! Well, the money raised from the viral craze has led to a scientific breakthrough that is set to benefit those it was in aid of. See the BBC’s coverage of the challenge to find out more http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36907508 We love this story because it shines a light on the huge positive effect social media has on society. Connecting individuals and helping compelling causes gain fame. For us this is just one of many examples as to the positive power that is available from social media.  

Snapchat your Bitmoji

Yes, you heard us right! Snapchat your Bitmoji. For the uninitiated Bitmoji is not a pseudonym for any parts of your anatomy but a service that allows you to create a caricature. See the helpful video below for a visual guide. Another stroke of genius from Snapchat. This updates adds fun to the app, keeps it personal and allows those that do not like photos of themselves to be present (as a caricature anyway). Have you started using the Bitmoji update yet? How popular do you think it will be?  

Explore Videos on Instagram

A small update on Instagram this month has seen a video player like that found on YouTube and Facebook being added to the explore section. You know, that magnifying icon that you probably don’t use too much… well that’s the explore section. This update emphasizes just how important social videos are quickly becoming. All the major social media platforms are in essence going to become video channels fighting for your valuable attention. Let us know what you think of this update. Will it improve Instagram for you?  

Facebook Messenger is not messing around

Statistics released this month by Facebook demonstrate just how powerful the messenger platform has become. Just like Facebook it is one of those apps you find yourself using without even realizing. The key stats released by Facebook are as follows:
  • 1 billion people using Messenger every month!
  • 22 million GIF images sent every day
  • 1.2 billion games of Basketball played on Messenger
  • 300 million flower stickers sent on Mother’s Day
  • 360 million valentines have been sent
Has your use of Facebook Messenger counted towards any of those above? Just like us I bet you forget how much you actually do use it. So that’s it for July 2016. How time flies when you are having fun on social media! What are your standout moments? Are there any developments in social media that we have missed? As always thank you for reading and don’t forget we have many more blogs just like this, and even better, on the Lucky 6 Marketing website. Have a fantastic August!