Social Media Training

Social media marketing is becoming more integral to marketing plans. Once seen as an add on, now for many businesses it is their prime marketing platform. Our social media training sessions cover a range of bespoke social media topics to help you and your team maximise the potential that social media marketing has to offer.

It’s important that the team behind your social media profiles, feel confident, understand the platforms and can maximise each channel to provide the best results for your business. This is what our social media training sessions can assist with. We often find that many in-house teams have some strong skills on one plaform but lack experience on others, which means you’re missing opportunities to reach new customers. 

Through our social media training sessions we can create tailored plans to enhance your team’s skills. Whether you need to touch up your Facebook skills or you need help writing blogs, we can make a session just for you.

What Makes Our Sessions Different?

We don’t beleive in death by PowerPoint. It wasn’t pleasent in school, so why keep doing it? Our sessions are interactive and engaging. We don’t stand in front of you for four hours and talk about theories. No one wants to be talked at.

Sessions are often hosted from our sofas at the office. This open and comfortable space is the perfect space for teaching. Using our large screen we can cast platforms and go over platforms step by step. This way everyone can get involved and any questions you have along the way can be answered streight away and ideas can be explored as a team.

As well as our digital resources we have also converted our main wall in the office into a blackboard. It seems old school but it the best place to brainstorm ideas with the whole team! We use this feature in almost every training session for creating campaigns, analysing keywords and listing content ideas.

It’s important to us that you leave our sessions feeling confident, well imformed and excited to take the next steps! 

"I couldn’t recommend Lee & Terri highly enough. They put together an interactive bespoke social media training session tailored to our exact requirements; focused solely around our industry ‘construction’. We’re looking forward to working with them again!"
Claire Wilkins
Managing Director, Soundis

Social Media Training Session Options

We have hosted bespoke social media training sessions to cover a vast range of topics. If there’s an area you are struggling with or don’t fully understand, we can create a session to help you. Since our establishment in 2011 we have hosted 100s of training sessions from our Preston offices. We are more than happy to host a one off training session for you or a series to cover a range of topics. It all depends on your needs.

Below are some of the examples of sessions we can host:

• Content Creation

• Instagram For Business

• How To Use Twitter

• Blog Writing

• Social Media Analytics 

• Facebook Advertising 

• LinkedIn Management

• Social Media Strategies 

• Video Creation

• WordPress Basics

• Social Media Management 

• Campaign Creation

During every session we work as a whole team. We are simply instructors, we work as though we were part of your marketing department. We’re here to support, guide and educate your team in order to help your business. To do this we use all the assets at our disposal, our years of knowledge, resources and tools are all at your disposal.