If a picture is worth a thousand words than a Vine video, at six seconds long, must be worth 24,000 words. With this in mind photos and videos on social media hold a huge amount of potential.

Here are six quick tips to help you understand how each platform can become a stage, or screen for your content and marketing message.

1. Videos on the tube

When you venture into the underground system in London you may notice the small A4 video boards that used to be posters. These video adverts wiz by as you travel down the escalators into the Victorian tube system. This is pretty much what videos are like on Twitter.

You have seconds to capture your viewer and when you do they are often too busy to watch. A select few may love your brand and seek out your content but most will wiz by during their daily commute.

Keep videos on Twitter short, concise and to the point. Make them entertaining and eye-catching. You literally have seconds to capture your audience.

2. A six second elevator pitch

An amazing alternative to Twitter videos is the separate social platform Vine. It just so happens this alternative is owned by Twitter. Therefore the videos from this app are excellent to embed in your Twitter feed; they even appear in your profile gallery. Be warned, Vines don’t work too well on Facebook – they don’t even loop!

Vines by their nature are short, sharp and quick videos but their big advantage is that they loop. Imagine your videos were being viewed in a quick elevator ride. You have a fleeting moment to capture your audience. However, with Vine, if your audience finds your video interesting they can stay on the elevator to watch the video over and over again!

3. Camera. Likes. Action!

Facebook videos are where it is at… at the moment. If you want an instant captive audience then this is the platform for you. Just make sure your videos have a value for the already captive audience. Think of videos on Facebook as a cinema that is always crowded with people entering, sitting for five minutes and leaving. They watch a few short videos then get back up and carry on with their day. If your video has value they will sit, watch it all and then tell their friends to watch it too!

Handy tip – the audience in the Facebook cinema really enjoy watching their short films on Friday’s in-between and during work that they would rather not be doing.

4. It’s cool to be square

If Facebook is a popular cinema then Instagram is a cool subculture film house just down the road that only the cool kids know about. Often a lot more arty the videos in this cinema are square, 15 seconds long and loop. If the video is good your audience will watch the loop two or three times and like the video but rarely share it. After all being cool is a privilege that cannot be shared with the masses.

5. Private videos

Sometimes your videos may be so personal that you wish to hand-select the audience. Totally exclusive videos on Snapchat can be a great way of rewarding the best brand ambassadors. However, be warned, the average audience on Snapchat is rather young (by young I mean under 25 – depressing I know for us over 25s) so some of the general content may be questionable… if you are an avid user you know what I mean.

6. Swiss army knife of video platforms

The granddaddy and most versatile platform for videos is and up to now has always been YouTube. This fantastic platform, as well as being the world’s second largest search engine, allows you to embed/share videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs. You have to draw your audience to the videos on this platform but if you do the rewards could be huge!

Where do you watch your online videos? Do you prefer the cinema, elevator or Swiss army knife platform?

If you have found this blog useful please share with anyone whom you think may benefit from it. Thank you so much for reading and sparing just a little of your time.


Lee Giacopazzi – Lucky 6 Marketing

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