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Visual Resources for Social Media

Every social media platforms now incorporates visuals in some way. Whether it be simple pictures, graphics, infographics or videos. To help you maximise your social media updates we have put together this handy guide for Visual Resources for Social Media and where to find them.

If you follow us on our social media platforms, or keep an eye on our blogs you will know we are always talking about the importance of visuals on social media. 

In fact, here’s a blog outlining why visuals are vital in social media which you can read right here!

Not every business has the ability to snap regular pictures suitable for use online. Therefore it’s always handy to have resources at hand that you can rely on. It’s important to remember when using images online that they must be suitable for commercial use. Saving images from google images or other websites may be a breach of copyright!

Below we have outlined a selection of sites that are suitable for commercial use. Some are free to use whilst others are subscription based. Depending on the quality of the images you need and the regularity in which you need them, it’s always worth exploring a range of sites to see which  best suits your needs. Most of the subscription websites offer free or discounted trials so it may be worth trying before you buy!


We regularly recommended Pixabay to our attendees at workshops and training sessions. It’s a free to use site that is packed full of commercially licensed visuals.

The search facility is particularly handy and you can narrow down your search. You can search for photos, graphics, illustrations or videos. It’s handy if you’re looking for a particular type of image to suit your brand. 

For example, if you would like an image of a meeting, simply type ‘meeting’ into the search bar. 

Visual Resources Social Media Pixabay example

You can then narrow down the search even further, you can select the orientation, category, main colour and even the size of the images.

Visual Resources Social Media Pixabay Orientation

Keep in mind: if you’re too specific you might find yourself with slim pickings! Try to be broad with your search and keep your options open.


You wouldn’t be wrong if you’re looking at Pexels and thinking it’s very similar to Pixabay. Both sites use the same search facilities and even layout structure. However, there are a few missing features, such as you can’t narrow the search by image type. Although once you search a term, you are given a number of images and videos listed in separate tabs which is handy.

Visual Resources Social Media Pexels

When you search for an image, Pexels suggests a number of related searches. This is particularly useful if you’re struggling to find a suitable image.

Top Tip: If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Pixabay, it’s worth while trying a similar search on Pexels.


If you’re looking for a quick, easy and free way to add text and edit your images, consider Canva. This free site can be used via an app or on desktop. Add text to your own photos, frames, icons or just generally enhance your images with the simple to use navigation bar.

Although the site and app are free, if you want more advanced features you will have to upgrade to the pro version which will cost you around £9 a month.


Visual Resources Social Media Canva


Videos are a fantastic visual resource for social media, but it can be tough to create animated visuals without expensive software. Ripl is a quick and easy to make your own bespoke videos and images. The simple drag and drop process allows you to add text, logos and music to your photos or videos.

This clever app allows you to quickly enhance your visuals without the need for a desktop device. The free versions has some functionality but a host of extra fonts, layouts and features are available with the pro version, which will cost you around £12 a month. 

Once you’re happy with your creation you can quickly upload it to your chosen social media channels with one click. So it’s a quick and easy way to post visual content!

Visual Resources Social Media Ripl


When you talk about stock images, you tend to think about ShutterStock. Arguable one of the most popular sites for visual assets, ShutterStock is jam packed with visuals. It incorporates the functionality of the previous sites but with 10 times the features. You can narrow down searches with ease, enjoy related suggestions and browse literally 1000s of visuals.

Visual Resources Social Media ShutterStock

There isn’t a free version of ShutterStock, only a free trial that allows you to download 10 images within 30 days, after this it’s £19 a month! Using the trial is a good opportunity to take advantages of ShutterStock’s editor which allows you to edit your images by adding text, logos and adjusting the overall effects.

ShutterStock will certainly give you plenty of choice and it’s ideal if you regularly require visuals for use on social media. 

Visual Resources Social Media ShutterStock Editor

Adobe Stock

Although lesser known then its popular editing counterpart Photoshop, Adobe Stock is a fantastic resource for visuals. Although a little pricey, it has a fantastic archive of stock images, many of which are suitable for commercial use.

It’s also a fantastic resource if you are a Photoshop or Premier user as you can upload and edit more advanced visuals such as leaflets and flyers using Adobe Stock’s templates. You can even play with more advanced 3D object if you so wish! 

The pricing system is a little hefty so we would recommend using Adobe Stock if you are regularly creating bespoke visuals on a more advanced level. A monthly subscription will cost around £20 for 10 standard images a month. That’s around £2 per picture. You can also purchase credits which is useful if you don’t regularly purchase images.

Top tip: If you are already a Photoshop CC user, you will receive free templates every now and again!

That’s it for our quick roundup of visual resources. These are just a handful of the tools we ourselves have used over the years but there are plenty more out there! Do you have your own go to visual resources for social media? Tell us all about them on Twitter and tweet us on @lucky6marketing

If you have found this blog post useful, stick around and look at out our past blogs or check back weekly to see our latest updates. 

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