Wrea Green Wedding - Event Coverage

When asked if you wish to do certain projects you have to answer “I do.” This was the case with our most recent video project, shot in Wrea Green and commissioned by Passion 4 Events.

Famous in our office for their amazing events, Passion 4 Events deal in visually stunning occasions that leave a lasting impression. This project was no different. A wedding in Wrea Green, Lancashire.

The Wedding Video


Prior to the wedding taking place, the groom had been informed some of his family could not make the event due to illness. As a result, Passion 4 Events commissioned us to shoot some of the key aspects. The main goal was to capture the ceremony so this could be sent to friends and family.

The secondary objective was to capture little details for the Passion 4 Events portfolio. After all, they deal in highly visual events and any footage has plenty of uses when marketing their service online.


Capturing footage is never easy. Being at the whim of nature, human behaviour and events that you cannot foresee make the process exciting and unpredictable.

Despite being predicted for sun the weather turned out to be quite changeable. In fact, once the cameras were set up the wind increased and scattered showers rolled in.

Passion 4 Events had done a fantastic job setting up. Most of the guests were under roof with umbrellas at hand for those that were not. The sound technicians did a fantastic job cancelling any wind noise and temporary flooring was placed on walkways.

Even with the wind and odd shower, the event was still magical and this is a testament to the skill of the Passion 4 Events team.