Be Social at #LBE2016

One of the largest business Expos in Lancashire is about to roll into town. Say hello to the Lancashire Business Expo 2016. Now only a few weeks away. We are very pleased to announce that the hashtag for the event will be #LBE2016 so get tweeting, Facebooking and publishing on LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.   Last year’s event was quite epic on social media. #LBE2015 trended on Twitter with the statistics speaking for themselves. Read our post event blog post for more info.  

Live Social Media Tips

How can your business capitalize from the huge amount of social media traffic #LBE2016 will produce? Following on from Zebra Colour’s Exhibition tips we have put together the following social media tips. Combine the two for a killer combination and really stand out from the competition.  

Use the hashtag – #LBE2016

This will be the heart of the event on social media; especially on Twitter. During the event attendees and exhibitors will scan the #LBE2016 Twitter feed frequently to see what is going on and what people are posting. After the event this will continue as they look back to relive memories of the vibrant, busy day. Make sure you are present in this momentary promotion and digital legacy. For extra brownie points make sure you post relevant content all the big four: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  

Practice Live Tweeting

Live tweeting can be difficult especially at a very busy Expo. Make sure you are familiar with how to navigate the latest Twitter app layout and confident with publishing content. It may even be worth coming up with a content strategy for the day so that you do not have to think of content on the go. If you are really organized delegate the social media role to a member of the team who can take great photos and videos.  

Come on, Vogue

Just like the great and the good you have to be comfortable with photos and videos on the day. Snap, shoot and publish. Be visual on social media just like you intend to be visual with your Expo stand. Don’t forget, the #LBE2016 Twitter feed will form a digital archive following the event. How handy would it be to have a few photos of you and your team on the timeline so visitors can recognize you post event.  

Competitions – tweet before the event

It is very likely many exhibitors at the event will be running competitions. If you are too, make sure this is promoted before and during the event. After all, it is a great incentive for visitors to come to your stand. Maybe it is worth running a social media competition? If many of the exhibitors are fighting for footfall you might be able to carve a niche and target visitors via social media. Be creative and make your name known.  

Promote your stand location

The basics of marketing have always been to make sure people know who you are, what you do and where to find you. Use social media before and during this event to make sure visitors know where your stand is. If they cannot find you they will not see you. If they do not see you or talk to you then in their post event memory you and your business will not exist. Be there on the day and be present in the digital world. Make sure visitors have memories of you and your business.  

Ask Lucky 6 Marketing

If in doubt come and ask us. Last year we offered much assistance to many exhibitors and even helped Red Row Select get to the top of the tweet wall. You never know what a bit of helpful advice can achieve. The advantage of a friendly word from us on the day is that as the event develops and changes we can give you up to the second competitive social media marketing advice.   We look forward to seeing you on the day and cannot wait to see what #LBE2016 will bring. If you have any questions in the run up to the event or on the day, please get in touch. Thank you for reading and see you on the Tweet Wall.