Marketing for Black Friday – 6 Social Media Strategies

We are predicting Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday will be huge. Your marketing for Black Friday is going to be super important.

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Marketing for Black Friday

Many global retailers, such as Amazon, are starting this year’s sale extra early. Some suspect deals and promotions may begin from the end of October and run the entire November.

With all the events of 2021, there is additional anticipation for the festive period and as a result, retailers are looking to make the most of demand in November.

Black Friday Countdown (26th November 2021)

Days Hours Minutes Seconds
Sorry, you have missed the 2020 Black Friday sale.

The average UK Black Friday spend, per person in 2018, was £346.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a seasonal sale that first began in America and is strongly linked to their national holiday of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving in America is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, with many taking holidays from Thursday to Monday. As a result, this time of year has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season since 1952.

The Friday following Thanksgiving has been the busiest shopping day in America since 2005. More recently, this has been referred to as Black Friday. Many believe the name Black Friday is derived from the fact many retail businesses make a profit from this point onwards during the year. In essence, Black Friday is the break event point for the year after which profit is made.

Black Friday refers to the accounting practise where a minus bank balance is noted in red with positive balances recorded in black.

Sales in fashion and luxury items grew by 437% in the UK, during Black Friday 2018.

Using Social Media and Black Friday To Your Benefit

Black Friday has become an international shopping day because it offers many benefits to retailers and businesses. With clever social media, you can make Black Friday work for you.

Below are six quick ideas to get your brain juices bubbling up with excitement. Use them verbatim or build upon them with your creativity.

Influential Promotions via Influencers

If you have used Instagram influencers to promote your product in the past, and it proved successful, task them with promoting your Black Friday offer.

Use them to build anticipation by publishing content during the runup to the offer. Ask them to publish content during the offer to drive direct traffic to your site or profile.

Exclusive Email Discounts

Make your Black Friday offer exclusive to those on your email list. This is an excellent way of driving new email signups. Create a strong content strategy and publish to all your leading profiles on social media. The end goal? To gain new email subscribers.

This is an excellent way of moving your customer base from social media and giving you direct control over the marketing. Long-term, this is extremely powerful and beneficial to your brand.

Tag a Friend 

For this promotion, you lead with a graphic and copy which declares you are trying to spread the love/kindness/offer and you can only do this with your followers help. Ask them to tag a friend in the comments.

They both receive a discount code via a message. The beauty of this strategy is that both have to be following your account for you to be able to message them.

Your profile reaches more users, you promote your products and you gain more followers while increasing sales.

Be Quick

One of the most compelling drivers of the Black Friday promotions is the time-sensitive nature of the offers. Customers do not want to miss out. Therefore, they are motivated to purchase while the advertisements are running.

Instagram and Facebook stories are perfect for this. Each slide is only visible 24 hours after publishing, again adding to the time sensitivity. Be aware, however, that you can only link to websites from stories once you have 10,000 or more followers.

See our blog, Instagram Stories for Business, for more guidance on using stories. [https://lucky6marketing.com/instagram-stories-for-business/]

Avent Calendar Style Daily Discounts

Building on the above stories strategy. Hold daily offers via your Instagram story to drive significant traffic to your website. This will keep your social media audience coming back and makes your stories much more exciting.

Just make sure the promotions are compelling and the products your customers want.

Store Logins and Profile Tags

Encourage your audience to tag your location or mention your profile for the chance to win a discount. This strategy is super easy to manage. Tell your audience via a post and story update that if they tag your shop location (if you have one) or mention your profile while featuring one of your products, it could be a past purchase; they can win a discount.

Once someone does this, message them with a unique discount code for purchasing from your online shop. This is an excellent way of extending the reach and visibility of your profile online.

In 2019 it was predicted the UK value of total spending over Black Friday would be £8.57billion.


This is an excellent opportunity to promote your business, gain a much larger reach on social media, and draw in extra sales. Marketing for Black Friday begins with an idea. We have outlined six quick ideas above to get you started with the planning process. The next important step is to deploy your strategy.

Let us know how your Black Friday promotion goes and share your successful social media strategies below.