On The Winning Table

The ball room was pink, there was a huge abundance of drinks and everyone was in great spirit. We had arrived at the EVAs 2015. Terri and I had been invited by our good friend and client Bev Wood of bwd in Lytham. Bev was a finalist in the Small Business of the Year catagory. We had never been to an awards night so were very pleased to accept her invite.

Ace venue last night for the #EVAS2015. Winter Gardens Blackpool.

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The Enterprise Vision Awards recognise women in business from across the North West and in 2015 are celebrating their 5th annual event.www.enterprisevisionawards.co.uk

The Best Bits of the EVAs 2015

The night we had with Bev and her friends was just amazing. There are far too many little memories to write about from the event so see below for a summary of the best bits.

Bev Winning

We went with no expectations other than to have a good night. Although we believed Bev to be a worthy winner we were not sure she would win because she had won Creative Industry of The Year in 2014. With this in mind, we sat back and enjoyed great company at a great event. It came to Bev’s category and the announcer paused as she read out the winner. We heard Bev’s name boom across the Empress Ballroom and our table was ecstatic. Terri shot the video below. Bev winning was a huge bonus. It galvanised the night and was a welcome high. Well done Bev. From working with bwd on a weekly basis we know Bev was very much worthy of this award. It was great to see her receive the recognition she deserved.

Susie Q Photography

It is not every day you have your photo taken by one of UK’s top fashion photographers. We have known Susie Q for a year or two and can say with confidence that she is just absolutely fantastic. She had snapped the great and the good from Gary Barlow, Pixie Lott, Wayne Hemingway and now Terri and I. The photos were taken by Susie Q on the night are magical. There is a glow and warmth to the photos she snapped and her timing was perfect. Susie did a fantastic job at the EVAs and snapped some of my favourite photos of Terri and I.

Jackie Speight Updating Social Media

It was ace to see Jackie tweeting on the night for the EVAs event. We met Jackie a few years ago at a Preston Tweetup event and it is great to see her still practicing her social media especially for such a prestigious event. The Tweet Wall was excellent and encouraged Terri to send out quite a few live tweets. We had a fantastic time at the EVAs and enjoyed every second. Were you there too? What are your memories from the event?