Passion 4 Events

Photography and video production for Passion 4 Events. Content creation to inform, entertain and profile their bespoke events on social media.

A leading events company based next door to our office, Passion 4 Events specialise in corporate, VIP and exclusive occasions. This includes the design and complete management of the event from start to finish.

Passion 4 Events are pretty unique. With their own warehouse of exclusive furniture, they do not need to rely on third parties to fit out an event. They also work closely with a partner business that specialises in retro arcade machines, adding an interactive element to their events.

Seeing their work firsthand, we can attest to the delivery of their exceptional events and the effect these spectacular occasions have on the lucky participants.

Being a young and dynamic Managing Director of Passion 4 Events, Mark Jackson has a keen understanding of his target market. As a result, he already has skilled people in place to manage his website and SEO (search engine optimisation). Mark approached Lucky 6 Marketing for assistance with high-quality social media content.

"We’ve used Lucky 6 Marketing on multiple projects, from stock photographs to time-lapse and full event videos and we cannot recommend them enough. We all know high-quality video content is the way forward to drive traffic to your social media and these guys are the go-to for both creating your content and managing it."

Video Production for Passion 4 Events

These exquisite events are perfect for social media. As a result, we aim to capture the details and adventure with high-quality videos. By focusing on those attending, their reaction, emotion and enjoyment of the events, the videos are compelling and inspiring.

From a single shoot, we created one main feature video and several shorter videos. The main video profiles the event as a whole. The shorter videos profile the individual parts that make up the event, from entertainment to catering, furniture and audiovisual.

Over time, this archive of multimedia content allows P4Events to showcase their past events. Showing all the little details that make the occasions a considerable success and the reactions of those attending makes for compelling content.