Ribby Hall Village

Towards the end of 2019, we were approached by Ribby Hall Village to help showcase their new uniform. Employing almost 600 people, Ribby Hall was looking for a way to present the newly updated uniform to the Managing Director and staff members.

This was the first major update to the Ribby Hall Village uniform since it began in 1994. Therefore, to capture the detail, quality and design of the uniform photos and videos were to be produced.

Showcasing A Brand With Strong Values

What does it mean to have a strong brand? Firstly the brand must mean something to the customers that choose it over other alternatives. This can only be built over time and with much investment. From marketing to customer service and every little detail in between.

Secondly, the brand must be recognisable. From signage to stationary and even uniforms. Especially in the leisure sector, where customer care is critical, uniforms are especially important.

The skilled team at Ribby Hall Village had been overseeing the design and development of their new uniform which was to represent their strong values. Now it was down to us to profile and showcase the detail and quality of the final uniform design.

Session Setup: From Christmas Market to Full Fashion Shoot

Space and lighting are two of the most critical factors of any photography shoot. This is particularly important when the shoot involves fashion.

Despite having space within our office to facilitate such a shoot we thought the huge marquee outside our office, set up for the Clifton Fields Christmas market, would be advantageous for this project. This was particularly true as this shoot was to involve a total of eight people.

Following research into current fashion photo trends, we opted for a ‘behind-the-scenes’ style of picture. To achieve this, it was our objective to purposefully include the lighting and backdrop in the photos.

As a result of this style decision, we were left with one main spot/model light, for illuminating the models from the same angle as the camera. This light was diffused with a soft white diffuser box.

Two halo lights were placed at either side of the white backdrop to highlight the outer edges of the models and to add to the style of the photos. For these, we used reflective umbrellas.

Following a quick test, we were ready for the models. In total, setup was completed in less than an hour and the shoot proceeded on time.

Capturing The Images: The Informal Fashion Shoot

Once the team from Ribby Hall Village arrived the new uniforms were unpacked and laid out on a table. The models, who were staff from Ribby Hall Village changed into the new uniforms using our office as the changing rooms. This allowed for a quick workflow and the planned four stages of photography to occur very quickly.

At each stage, we worked with the mangers from Ribby Hall Village to ensure all the details and quality of the new uniforms were captured in the photos.

Once the initial photos were completed, we shot footage so the colour and movement of the fabric can be viewed via a feature video.