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A social media management solution designed for your requirements.

Over 10 years experience, highly professional, creative and full of exciting ideas. Social media management will save you time, give you results that you understand and make your business look impressive online.

Social media management from as little as £699+vat

Social Media Management Preston

Content creation

From copy to graphics, photos and videos. We can create it all for your organisation.

Profile management

Publishing content, following accounts and responding to interactions. 

Monthly reporting

If required we can produce reports that outline key account metrics.

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Save time

We tackle the hard work of social media so you can enjoy its success. Know that content is being created, published and managed on your social media profiles.

Social media does not need to be a problem

Our team of experts won’t just advise you on the best course of action; they will do the required work allowing you to get on with other essential tasks.

Unparalleled experience

For more than 10 years, we have managed social media accounts for organisations just like yours. We know what will work and we know what will be a waste of time. Our experience will save you significant time.

Turnkey operation

Contact us today to bring your social media account alive within a week. Social media does not need to be complex, especially when you know what is most effective on each platform.

Illustration of a businessman standing in front of a calendar and clock. Save time with social media Preston.

Look the part

Compelling content that looks excellent, sounds impressive and contains no errors. It is a standard requirement that all professional organisations have a presence on social media. We will do this for you.

Compelling copy

59% of Britons chose not to use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes. Not only are we professional copywriters, but we have also developed a robust system for producing accurate copy.

Brand consistency

We follow your guidelines and the standards set out on your website, print and advertising to ensure your core brand is carried through on social media.

Executive Level Social Media

Ongoing consultancy, strategy, planning, content creation and reporting. We will support you and your marketing team however best suits your needs.

Professional media production

Industry-standard graphics design, photography and videography equipment is used to create the best possible visuals for your brand. Broadcast standard video production is used alongside professional copywriting techniques to make your brand look its best possible self.

Illustration of three business people. One is holding a tablet computer, one is holding a piece of paper and the third is talking.

Ongoing support

We become part of your team. While managing your digital marketing, we are available to advise, give feedback and comment on strategies. Leverage our expertise and daily social media data.

Friendly advice as you need it

Our team are friendly and super easy to chat with. Better still, we have years of social media experience, so we are only a phone call away if you need to talk marketing.

The guys at Lucky 6 are awesome and I trust them implicitly with all our social media platforms. They can even make accountants appear exciting. No, really!

Jo McDonald, Traeger Pellet Grills, Country Manager UK and Ireland.

Results you can understand

Everything that happens on social media is documented via detailed statistics. Our team will help you translate these key numbers into meaningful reports for your managers, owners and investors.

Reporting and return on investment (ROI)

Know what all the numbers mean on social media. Bespoke reports detailing your online success and our staff members available to translate the numbers into meaningful stories.

Deeper than interactions

Everyone can see interactions publically on social platforms. Our team will document these in detail and then dig deeper to show you the silent analytics—a great way of profiling the activities of your audience.


Digital marketing is relentless. Work needs to be completed daily, every week, month and year. We have over ten years of experience providing this consistency to organisations such as yours.

Contribute as little or as much as you like

We can manage the whole social-media process or work closely with your team to achieve set objectives. From strategy, content creation, publishing, profile management and reporting, we can help manage as much or a little of the process as required.

Make your brand a thought leader within your sector

Consistent content tailored to your target market will make your brand a leading thought leader over time. This means your business, service or product becomes central to the community that purchase from you. In turn, this drives further sales.

Improve your luck

Being present in a social media community will lead to more enquiries. Short and often simply questions regarding your brand that signals strong interest in your offering. These are often the first signal of purchase potential.

Timely interactions

Comments will be acted upon, interactions will be responded to, and messages replied to. In addition, proactive management of your social media accounts adds a professional and personable interaction for your audience—further building on the brand development.

Never miss a notification

Good social media require a real person to be present. Interactions and enquiries need to be answered quickly. We ensure your accounts are monitored and proactively managed so notifications are never missed.

Real-time intelligence keeps you informed

We monitor notifications and activity on your accounts. Any incoming enquiry will be reported as it is received, while less critical interactions will be managed, saving you time and stress.

Understand your target market on a new level

Seeing how your target market responds to strategies and messaging in real time can efficiently inform your wider marketing efforts. Unlock this overlooked advantage by allowing us to manage your social media.


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