Video Production

As you read this someone in your target market, a person that may potentially buy from you is watching a video somewhere online. They may be watching for entertainment, to pass time, learn about something that interests them or to learn more about a product or service.

They could be watching your video right now. It all begins with deciding to invest in the production of a video to profile your brand, business, product or service. Once this video production has taken place your video can sit online waiting to be viewed at any time 24 hours a day.

Choose to significantly improve your digital marketing luck. Choose to produce video content.

Why is video essential?

80% increase in conversions on web pages

When people visit your website, it is initially a visual experience. They look at the images, overall layout and then if they like what they see, they may stay to read. Video prolongs this initial stage. Keeping people on your website is an important SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) factor. Google measures how long visitors remain on your pages, better viewing times lead to higher Google listings. 

Videos are 10x more likely to be shared on social media

Great social media content has to deliver value to the user, be concise, quick, informative and entertaining. Good video content does this extremely effectively. This is why video content is quickly becoming the most shared type of content on social media.  

The average person watches 100 minutes of video content online every day

Recent years have seen TV viewing figures fall as more people watch video content online. This is great news for businesses that cannot afford to advertise on TV. Now you have the opportunity for your video content to be seen online by a huge potential audience.

What can you expect from our video production service?

We believe in great content. Copy, photos, graphics and video produced for your target market. It is made to answer their burning questions, to entertain, captivate and inform. Good content is the foundation of excellent marketing.

Video is the highest grade of content your organisation can host online. It is quick and easy to consume. Video can deliver a lot of information in a short space of time. Human beings are sensory animals and video stimulates the senses more than any other media. 

Good video production will result in the following:

Improved brand recognition

Improving recognition is easy in theory. You just need to be seen more and on a more regular basis. Regular video production can achieve this. Not only will it serve your brand and organisation to your audience, but social media platforms prioritise video content over all other. This means it is seen by more social media users.

Convincing buyers without their realisation

Modern shoppers are savvy. They know when they are being sold to and as a result, expect something in return. It could be something for free, relevant information or to be entertained for a short time. Video can deliver all this while also delivering your key messages.

Hold attention online

If you can hold peoples’ attention online then you are winning. Video is one of the best media to do this. With vivid, exciting and entertaining video you can captivate your audience. Keeping viewers on your website or social media profiles improves your standing with search engines and social media platforms. 

Communicate more information in a shorter space of time

Convincing people to read your copy online is highly difficult and requires great skill. Often video can be used to win these people over. Video is a great way to communicate a lot of information in an easy to consume manner and in a short space of time. 

The Process

A video project can be complex and involve a lot of variables. This is why we have developed a robust process for setting up and delivering on your video project.

1 - initial ideas meeting

In this phone call or meeting, we will understand the overall goal of the videos. With a full understanding of the project idea we can plan the project. In this stage, we will consider equipment needs (lapel mic, camera mic, two cameras or one, 4K or HD).

2 - plan and preparation

We will draft a schedule for the shoot including location, times and shot list. The equipment will be organised and prepared, to ensure a smooth video session.

3 - video shoot

Working with yourself, or independently if needed, we set up the equipment on location and begin shooting footage. We like to work fast and get as much done during the session as possible. If we finish early, we prefer to shoot extra footage as this gives more options in the post-production stage.

4 - post production edit

You sit back and relax while we set to work processing the video session. If required, you are welcome to sit in on the later stages of the session and act as art director to ensure the video is as close to the objectives as possible.

5 - video preview

The end video is sent to you or it can be previewed in our office (we may even make a little popcorn). Most often the client is happy with the edit and the video files are finalised.

6 - amendments and finalisation

Sometimes minor edits are required and these are made before publication. The video can be published online to the locations you require or the end video handed off to yourself for you to publish as you like.

Types of Video Projects

We are proud of our extensive photo and video project portfolio. In 2019 alone, we carried out over 40 photo and video projects for our amazing clients. Over the years we have worked on video projects that fall within the following categories:

The hotel and accommodation sector is highly competitive. Our clients invested in video to profile rooms, décor and service for their boutique and apart-hotels in Lancashire.

We have had the pleasure of shooting product demonstrations for international BBQ distributors and wood-fired oven manufacturers in Lancashire. Some were shot as standalone videos while some feature celebrities.

Prove reviews are genuine by featuring those that give them. We shot a series of testimonials for a leading business network. Three years later these videos are still in use by the business network to promote their membership. 

Tell your business story and connect with your brand advocates online. As a social media strategy, this works exceptionally well and we have seen first-hand, on many occasions, these videos receive many shares and interactions.

Profile key parts of your product, service or announce upcoming events. These videos can incorporate fun ideas. For one leading IFA we shot a video around their office dog!

Thanks to our neighbour, Passion 4 Events, we have documented many large and exclusive events across Lancashire. Video is a great way to profile the excitement and fun of any corporate or business event. 

Video blogs are a great way to profile your daily adventures and deliver thought leadership advice. For many years we have produced our Vlogs and can assist with yours. We can capture the footage or we can simply edit your footage. There are a range of bespoke options available.

How better to profile the work environment and entice new employees than hearing directly from your current employees. In the past, we have done this for training providers and recruitment businesses. 

A behind the scenes documentary profiles the hard work, dedication and logistics that go into the hospitality sector. We have shot videos at a range of hospitality locations including Holker Hall, Fylde Rugby Football Club, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester and many private residences. 

A highly competitive sector. Give people an excuse to visit your shop once they have seen it online. From leading florists based in Lytham to event prop warehouses, we have produced videos for businesses within this sector.

The DIY and home improvement sector in the UK is growing significantly. As part of our partnership with a large flooring installer in Preston, we have shot a series of videos following their staff installing beautiful floors throughout Lancashire.

Being nominated for an award is great PR. Over the past five years, we have made many ‘vote for me’ videos in which nominees appeal for online votes. These videos always do well resulting in shares far and wide.

Visually stunning and immediately striking. These bits of video content are great for profiling event setups and property marketing. We have shot several of these for ourselves and many for clients, often for Facebook cover videos.

Cooking along to video recipes is a huge trend and one that is enjoyed by a wide range of age demographics. We have shot many of these for food and kitchenware clients, some have even featured celebrities. 

Most big days involve a range of professional and dedicated hospitality businesses. How better to profile your service than showing it in use for a wedding. In the past, we have even thrown in an edit for the bride and groom.

Video is currently under utilised by the arts sector. We have been able to amend this in a small way by shooting documentaries for individual exhibitions in The Harris Museum, Preston. This way when the exhibition is over, there is always video records for people to enjoy.

Directly communicating with your audience online can be extremely powerful. How better than to wish Merry Christmas or Happy Easter. One year we even staged a mock snowball fight for a print client of ours using that scene to wish a happy holiday to all their customers and social media followers.

A lot of effort, practise and preparation goes into a good presentation. Get multiple uses out of your presentation by capturing it on video. We have filmed many of our presentations and quite a few for clients at the local Marriott hotel.

Add excitement with a live aspect to your video production. In the past, we have live-streamed performance art in public areas on behalf of local Universities as well as our own smaller events at the office. 

If you would like to know more about any of the projects mentioned above or to discuss your video project ideas please get in contact. We are always on hand to talk about your ideas. We can work with you to create the perfection promotional video or video series. It all starts with a conversation! 

Choose Lucky 6 Marketing For Your Video Production

For us, it is more than just video. It is the art of communication, persuasion and the ability to break down barriers. Over the past five years, we have invested heavily in time and the development of a digital-first video production strategy. We have invested in equipment and pushed ourselves to design a service that is optimised for the creation of video to be used online. 

We bring the following to the equation:

Of course, it’s not just about moving a camera left and right. A lot more goes into video production than you might think.Buying expensive, top of the range equipment is one thing. It’s something anyone can do, but knowing how to use it is a totally different matter. Knowing when to use an aperture lens and why. Knowing where to place the focal point for a panning shot. These are questions you might have never considered asking yourself when filming a selfie style video. But they’re the questions we ask ourselves and process before and during every shoot. 

Agile equipment

Our video production service is agile. On a shoot, it is important to be able to adapt and adjust as needed in real-time. This requires having the right professional equipment, being confident in how to use it and openness in mind to change when needed.

Production and publishing strategy

Setting up for a shoot is time-consuming. As a result, it is important to get as much from the shoot as possible. By understanding your primary and secondary objectives we can ensure every shoot is optimised. Knowing what needs to be recorded and how it is going to be used online allows for efficient video sessions.


Giving you more options at a later stage and more “bang for your buck”. By overshooting we ensure there is more footage than needed. This gives the project flexibility. In previous shoots, we have ended up using this additional footage for extra short videos or on the story mode in Instagram and Facebook.

Shooting more footage than required is a key strategy. This gives more options in the post-production stage and allows flexibility in the overall goals. 

Full post-production including colourisation

In terms of time, the shooting of the video only accounts for a third of the project. That is why, when we give you a price for the project it includes full postproduction. This stage is critical. Cutting together footage is a highly technical skill and art in its own right.

We have vast experience putting together video for use online to make the end video compelling, professional and entertaining. The final stage also includes colourising which is a technique to make sure all the colours within the video are correct. This significantly helps it look professional and work across many devices. 

Footage archive

When we finish a project, all raw footage is stored and archived. This means at any point, you can commission us again to re-edit the footage for a different goal. Many of our clients find this useful for their social media. 

I Need Video For My Business!

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