Social Media Consultancy

Our social media consultancy service provides your in-house marketing team with the support and expert eye they need to maximise your brand’s presence online. Ensure your team has the confidence, direction and guidance to ensure your marketing efforts excel. Our expert team are on hand to provide support, strategy management and analysis in order to successfully steer your team in the right direction.

This unique serivce is available to businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and gives your business an external marketing team, working to support your team whenever and wherever they are.

We become part of your team. Your products become our products. Your goals become our goals.

When you have an in-house team, it’s important that they all pull in the same direction when it comes to social media. Social media plays a key roll within many marketing campaigns so it’s important your business is ceasing the potential that social platforms have to offer.

What Is Social Media Consultancy?

Does your organisation have an in house marketing team that is starting to use social media? Perhaps you have just taken on a number of social media or digital marketing apprentices? You may not have the necessary resources or skill set in house to manage these teams. This is where our social media consultancy services come in. 

We work 1 on 1 with your team on a monthly, quarterly or campaign basis offering our experience and expertise to guide your team’s efforts. These consultancy sessions are all about your team and their needs. We work with them to establish their strengths and areas they feel need improvement. Please note, we don’t walk in with suitcases, point out everything they are doing wrong and p*** everyone off. Literally, no one wants that. It’s not a healthy way to start a relationship, no one is going to benefit from that. Our consultancy sessions are generally in place to help.

Our team becomes your team. Whatever areas of social media marketing or digital marketing as a whole they need assistance with. We will help. 

Ongoing Support

After the consultancy sessions, we don’t just disappear. Depending on the tasks set for you team, we stay onside, monitoring progress, analysing analytics and providing support via phone and email whenever it is needed.

This extra support branch ensures your team are confident in their work. This in turn helps them create exceptional content and be more creative with their work as they know someone is always on hand, monitoring their activities and supporting their ideas.

Like we said before, we become part of your team. We may not take up any office space or attend the Christmas party, but we are never unreachable. The implementation, management and success of your social media marketing is just as important to us. That’s why we help your team in every way we can. It might include training sessions, strategy planning or group content creation. Whatever it takes to get your social media marketing on track, we are on hand to make it happen. 

Social Media Training

1 - It Starts With A Meeting

During an initial meeting with yourself, we will gather information about your business and what it is you want to establish for your in-house team. We can use this time to establish overall goals and timescales.

2 - Meeting The Team

As part of our social media consultancy service, we become part of your team. This is the best way for us to fully integrate and build a relationship with your in-house team. As part of the meeting we discuss how they currently work and any areas they feel they need support with.

3 - Idea Development

Once we have established the areas of your social media strategies that need development, we work together to generate ideas. We use a range of resources and techniques to generate ideas and define them as a team.

4 - Strategy Structure

Once the idea is in place, we work to define the key messages and implement a strategy. Here we decide the call to actions, what media will be required and what platforms to incorporate. This set defines the strategy and finalises all the details.

5 - Action Timeline

The strategy is set. We know the key messages. Now it’s time to define a timeline and steps to implementing all the new campaign. Here we can establish everyone’s role, a timeframe of work and also individual goals. 

6 - Review

Whilst the team are working their magic to implement the new strategy we monitor and review the analytics. Then at the next session we process all the data and as a team discuss the campaigns successes and areas in need of improvement in future campaigns. 

Social Media Consultancy

Working With Apprentices

Over the last five years, we have seen a number of larger organisations take on digital marketing apprentices. It’s a great way of expanding your team, but often apprentices need more support. In between college blocks, they will need guidance that your in-house marketing team may not be able to provide. 

We have worked with a number of businesses, supporting their apprentices on a monthly or quarterly basis with strategy planning, training and support. We work directly with your apprentices and digital manager and provide bespoke sessions to meet your team’s unique needs. This may be to develop campaigns or to generate social media strategies that they can take away and manage themselves. We just point your team in the right direction and give the confidence they need to generate new ideas and implement their own strategies. 

Alternatively, we can offer one off sessions that focus on specific areas such as idea development and implementation. This is often a popular option when apprentices are new to the position and need a little support finding their feet.