Social Media Workshops

Don’t worry about managing your social media in-house again with our social media workshops. If you’re a start up business or a digital newbie, our bespoke workshops are here to help you.

Social media can be intimidating. How do you know which platform to use? Are you publishing your updates correctly? What happens if it all goes wrong? Worry no longer. We will answer all these questions and much more to make sure you understand the basics, know how to manage your profiles over time and understand what is possible.

It can all seem daunting when you’re first starting out, but it shouldn’t be! We have created a selection of workshops that are suitable for learners of all abilities from any sector. No one should miss out on the opportunities that social media marketing has to offer. 

social media workshops

What Makes Our Workshops Different

Just like anyone who has been stuck in a PowerPoint presentation for several hours, we’re not big fans of drab, text heavy slides. We much prefer to sit down and get hands on. Our Preston based offices are equip with a range of features to enhance your learning experience. Everything from our projector for larger groups to our interactive TV for smaller sessions. As well as new tech, we have converted our office feature wall into a blackboard, which is a great way of jotting down ideas and discussing topics as a group.

To keep our social media workshops cosy we have chesterfield sofas, (because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re sat on a rock whilst trying to makes notes) as well as tea and coffee on tap. Oh and not forgetting the biscuits. They are an essential workshop resource. 

It’s not just the little luxuries that make our workshops difference, although they do help. But it’s our years of experience. Make the most of our years of experience. We have been managing social media profiles since 2011. Day after day creating social media content, managing profiles and designing campaigns. Over the years we have witnessed firsthand the development and transformation of social media, now all this experience is offered to you in our workshops.

Get comfortable in our homely offices, enjoy a biscuit or three and learn from industry experts who have years of experience teaching social media marketing. The main aim of our workshops is to ensure you leave feeling confident and empowered to maximise the power of social media.

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How Can Our Workshops Help Your Business

Businesses of all sizes and from an array of industries have attended our workshops. Whether you’re a sole trader looking to manage social media in-house or part of a small team looking to embrace more platforms. Our workshops are built for you.

We keep our workshops small and concise so every attendee feels they can speak out and ask questions. There’s no better way of learner than to ask the experts and get hands on. As our sessions are made up of attendees from a range of other businesses, it’s advantageous for the whole group to hear your issues, first hand experience and ideas. We believe some businesses can really help one another. After all, we’re all in the same boat.

As a business owner, we know your time is limited. There’s always a to do list. That’s why we keep our workshops short and host them at a range of times, from early mornings to evening sessions. All to work around your schedule. 

If you have decided that now is the time to maximise your presence on social media, get in touch to learn about our next workshop. We host them on a monthly basis from our Preston office. All our sessions are preset so if there’s a particular topic you would like covering, we can keep you informed as to when it will be taking place.

Group Social Media Workshops

If you host a networking group and would like to host a workshop just for your members, we can facilitate your needs. We can host any of our social media workshops for your group, either at our offices or a venue of your choice. Bespoke workshops can also be tailored to a specific sector or area by request, just let us know and we can put something together, just for your group.

These group sessions are often popular choices for industry networking groups, franchises and sales teams. They are a great way to add value to your meetings as your members will learn new skills that will benefit their business.

Would you like to arrange a social media workshop for your group? Simply email us today at info@lucky6marketing.com or call our offices on 01772 935 116 to speak with a member of the team.