Trending on Twitter – Over a million uses of the hashtag #lbe2015

Last week it was a distinct pleasure of ours to be chosen to manage the Lancashire Business Expo 2015 social media. As well as managing the accounts on the run-up to the event we were also asked to manage the huge Twitter wall on the day.

9.7 Million Potential Impressions for the Lancashire Business Expo on Twitter

That’s right! Almost 10 million potential impressions for this hashtag in only one month! One million of these impressions were seen by unique profiles on Twitter. This basically means the hashtag was published almost 10 million times with one million unique users seeing it.

As brand recognition goes this is just priceless!

All from only 1500 tweets!

Over one month the Lancashire Business Expo 2015 Twitter account (@LancashireExpo) received 564 RTs and had a staggering 2294 mentions. Every retweet and mention published @LancashireExpo twitter username to followers of the user doing the interacting. Over a month the combined number of the followers who saw this content amounted to 9.7 million!

This basically means if you are a business with a Twitter account in Lancashire. You most likely saw content from @LancashireExpo. In fact, it was probably hard to avoid.


Making Content Sharable

It was a key strategy of ours to make the event visible and very shareable on both Twitter and Facebook. The problem we had, before the event, was that there were no photos! This was the first of its kind so we had to make full use of the excellent brand.


We created graphics optimised for Twitter and with the neutral Lancashire Business Expo brand. We did not add another type of brand or logo. This sounds simple and almost common sense but you would be surprised how many other so-called social media experts would gladly hijack an event such as this for their own gain. At Lucky 6 Marketing we always work in the client’s best interest and this was reflected in the graphics.

Why It All Worked So Well?

This is simple for us. It worked well because it was just a great idea. Organised by friendly, helpful and selfless people (big shout out to Shout Network Ian, Maria and Andy). The idea combined with their established event experience made the day what it was. The social media just had to be tweaked and nurtured in the right way to keep the momentum going.

Good social media is always very subtle. If done well it just makes it easy for people to join in, share and shout about whatever you want to promote. This is all we did for this event and this is what we do for our clients every day of the week. With our experience, skill and social media knowledge, we like to feel we did add that extra luck to the Lancashire Business Expo.

Did you go to the Expo? Did you Tweet? Would you like the know who was in the top 5 for number of tweets sent and number of interactions achieved? Please comment and thank you for reading.

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