Twitter Dark Mode and Social Media Developments

People turn to social media in every one of life’s big events. They share pictures of weddings, new arrivals, and even the passing of close family or friends. We are, after all, naturally social animals. We love sharing our lives with each other.

Over the past month, there have been some huge social media developments. From Twitter dark mode to other interesting updates. The platforms have carefully introduced new features, changed the way they look, and they continue to evolve every day.

In this blog, we’ll see what is new in the world of social media and outline how this could benefit you.

Facebook Remembers

This month Facebook introduced a new tributes section. It’s thought that every year over 360 million people viewed memorialised profiles. So, the platform decided to create a separate tab where friends and family can share posts – without disrupting their loved one’s original timeline.

If an account hasn’t yet been memorialised, Facebook uses AI to help keep it from showing up in places that might cause upset. This could be from recommending that person be invited to events or sending a birthday reminder to their friends.

The social media giant said, “We hope Facebook remains a place where the memory and spirit of our loved ones can be celebrated and live on.”

Check-in to Instagram Checkout

Last month Instagram introduced their latest feature, Checkout. Now when you find a product you love; you can buy it without leaving the app – perfect for those shopaholics!

When you tap to view a product from a brand’s shopping post, you’ll see a “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page. Tap it to select from various options such as size or colour. You will then proceed to payment without leaving the app.

The platform will also notify you about any shipment and delivery updates, so you can keep track of your purchase.

*Currently, this feature is only available to large brands and is in beta testing within the US only.

Twitter turns off the Lights – Twitter Dark Mode

Finally, Twitter has finally updated its dark mode. The update came after users complained that the current mode wasn’t dark enough.

The new ‘Lights Out’ mode uses a pure black background, which emits no light. A key benefit of this is that it limits the use of blue light. Whilst the light is designed to improve readability in the day, it can cause your brain to stop producing melatonin at night. This blog is certainly educational!

Available already on Android, Twitter is also bringing its Automatic Dark Mode option to iOS. The mode adapts to different environments. Not only will it switch from AM to PM, but it will also adapt to your location and timezone.