Your Unified Brand Story


Recently we saw an interesting and helpful infographic from LinkedIn (Scroll to the bottom of the blog to see it).

With this graphic, LinkedIn raises many interesting points. For example, how do you communicate with all your stakeholders? From potential customers to current customers, employees, potential candidates, suppliers, relevant networks and your general online audience?

At its core, it identifies the current complexity of social media. Social media has developed drastically as a communication and community tool in the past ten years. Unfortunately, with that, so has the complexity of the management required.

The core of the LinkedIn graphic talks about a  ‘Unified Brand Story’. Think of this as your corporate culture and beliefs. To help you create content around this topic, see the following section.

Create Social Media Updates from a Unified Brand Story

Below are just a few quick ideas to help you create content influenced by your unified brand story.

  • Define your business beliefs. What do you stand for? What do you strive to do and what is not acceptable to you?


  • How does your service operate? What advantage do you provide to your customers when you supply your service?


  • What are the features of your product? How do these features translate into benefits for your customers?


  • Can you think of any recent success stories? Do you have testimonials that you can share?


  • Demonstrate your sector expertise. Answer common customer questions and give advice.


Consistency is key. It’s not only the words, pictures, and videos that communicate to your audience but also your actions. Publishing consistent content communicates in its own right.


Read the original LinkedIn article here: https://bit.ly/UnifiedBrandStory

Scroll down to see the LinkedIn Infographic.