Why’s Joy Thoburn here?

Meet Joy Thoburn, she is currently studying full time for her MSc in Digital Marketing at The Salford University Business School. If you have been watching our Instagram and Facebook stories, you may have caught a glimpse of her! But why is she here?

The final project of Joy’s course requires her to either complete an applied dissertation or an Internship/Placement with a company in the marketing industry. Joy wanted to take a hands on approach to expanding her applied knowledge in digital marketing and reached out to us seeking an Internship opportunity, of course we said yes!

So here she is, Joy!

Joy Thoburn, a history.

Luckily for us, Joy is not completely new to the marketing industry as she has a number of years under her belt as a marketing consultant, growing and overseeing an in-house marketing team for a building services company based in Manila, Philippines.

However, Joy did not initially plan to have a career within digital marketing, originally intending to be a big time photographer. As a result, in 2014 completed a BA(Hons) Degree in Photography. Yet, it was through her work in commercial photography Joy found herself merging into the marketing world and decided to work towards building a career in digital marketing.

Before Joy’s venture of undertaking an MSc in Digital Marketing, all her knowledge was self learned through both on the job experience and taking advantage of online resources. However, through the taught modules of her MSc she has developed a higher level of understanding in;
• Search & Social Media Marketing
• Digital Marketing Analytics & Strategy
• Digital Marketing Communications
• Online & Offline Consumer Behaviour

So why did Joy choose Lucky 6?

Although Joy already has some experience in marketing, it has been predominantly with one company working with an in-house team. There was a desire to get involved with a digital marketing agency to expand her knowledge regarding how to approach different industries. Plus, as someone interested in the future of Digital Marketing, Joy was keen to develop her experience within social media marketing as it is a rapidly growing method for businesses to build their online presence.

As we are a specialist social media agency, with a vast selection of clients spanning a range of industries, it was the perfect fit! Joy can develop her skills whilst gaining first hand experience working with a range of clients. As an added bonus Joy gets to work in our Preston based office along side our dedicated team which will be quite a change from working predominantly from home.

“I am super excited to get started with Lucky 6, it is such a creative environment! It’s a pleasure to complete my MSc alongside a local digital marketing agency.”

So what will Joy be doing here?

For the 3 months, Joy will be taking a more hands on role to social media marketing. She will be focusing her efforts on our own marketing strategies and the implementation of them over the coming months. We are very excited to have Joy Thoburn working on client projects involving photography and video creation due to her background and experience in these areas.

So if we are coming to take some photos or videos for you, you may get the chance to see her in action!

Additional facts you need to know about Joy

• Joy loves a good cup of tea
• Is an avid amateur baker of cakes and is always challenging herself to make more elaborate cakes. Ensuring they both look and taste amazing.
• Enjoys a bit of fitness and focuses the majority of her training around boxing.
• Plus, she is currently a Mayoress of Preston, a role she shares with her mum at the request of her Uncle, the Mayor of Preston.