4 Different Types Of Social Media Managers

Successful social media is a long-term pursuit. You need to set a strategy, know where you are going and then remain focused day after day. Below we outline 4 different types of social media managers in the hope you can apply some of these ideas to your own online profiles.

The industry expert

You spend thousands of hours honing your skills and expertise. Share just a little of it with your online community. They get an insight into your world, valuable advice and you prove your skill for all to see.

If you know your subject really well this can be a simple but effective strategy. For a quick route to success. Try the following points:

  • Inform your audience about the latest industry developments.
  • Explain the absolute basics; or at least what you consider to be the basics. To others, these might be handy tips they have never encountered.
  • Outline some of the key theories that lead to success within your sector.

Social Media Voir

Probably one of the most common types of social media managers. Log in and listen. Keep up to date with what is going on and stay informed, but keep interactions to a minimum.

Time efficient this strategy allows you to keep tabs on those important contacts on social media. Maybe your competitors, maybe your staff or even family members. Enjoy freely published information while remaining off other people’s radars.

Try the following three tips to get this strategy off the ground and become a professional voir.

  • Search for colleagues, business owners and companies on your social media platforms. Connect with them and build an interesting list.
  • Keep interaction to a minimum to remain off people’s radars allowing you to collect more information over a substantial time.
  • Less than ten minutes a day to use this strategy successfully. Login and stroll through your timeline.

Social media socialite

People that become social media socialites are known by everyone. They reply to comments quickly and post content several times a day if not several times an hour.

This is the most time consuming social media strategy but also the most rewarding. It will make you approachable and well known to everyone that regularly uses your social platform of choice.

If this is the strategy for you use the following tips to get a head start in 2016.

  • A way of life rather than a task. You must truly love social media and login multiple times every hour.
  • Reply, thank and reach out to everyone you connect with. Thank other users for supporting you and actively engage in conversation.
  • Connect with more new accounts every single day. This will supercharge the growth of your online community.


Like being a good host at a party this strategy sees you listening and then connecting those in need. If a colleague asks for a service or product you are there to recommend the people you know.

In a way, this strategy is an addition to the Voir strategy but can be very powerful in that you can truly help people in a valuable way. You never forget those that help you.

To get started with this strategy use the following tips.

  • Login regularly and scroll through your timeline. Keep an eye out for those asking questions and be as helpful as possible.
  • Be patient. Matchmaker situations do not happen every day within the standard social media community but rather on a weekly basis.
  • Spare time to help when someone does have a need. It might take five minutes, but this time is high value to those you assist.

The above strategies are only guides for using social media successfully. They are a good starting point for those who are not quite sure how to proactively manage their social media accounts.

You can do one of the above as the main thrust but a mixture of all of them will be a guaranteed killer combination.

Which of the above are you going to attempt? Are you using one of them already? Do you have any strategies of your own you could suggest?