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I believe in social media. Not as entertainment, but as a vital tool for the world. I don’t believe in daily selfies and saying outrageous things for the sake of it. That isn’t social media. That’s vanity. The sooner people realise that, the better.”

Who am I and how did I get here?

It has all been a happy coincidence. I feel like one thing lead to another, and this is where I was always meant to be.

I wrote a few updates for a client one day and helped create a campaign strategy. After that, I started helping with more and more tasks. A year later, I was creating client graphics, writing weekly updates and publishing blogs.

I truly embraced every task. I just loved how every client had a different tone and style. I’ve always loved writing since I could write, I wrote silly short stories and poems, but I never knew how to make that into a career.

Social media was kind of the answer! I could write all day long then as platforms developed graphics, photography and videography came into the mix and added a fresh new dynamic. Providing even more creative areas for me to sink my teeth in to.


Facebook Adverts

Social Media Training

Content Creation

Ambassador Programs

Strategy Development

Brand Development

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What does the future hold?

For me, it’s all about learning and developing. And I don’t mean, finding the next big trend and going viral. I mean actually learning and perfecting skills.

I have always found myself signing up to new courses, spending hours watching tutorials and seeking out inspiration. I just love learning. The last few years I have learned how to write press releases, design brochures and create websites.

I think for me the next area I would like to really enhance is social media advertising. I really believe this area is huge and believe it or now, it’s going to get even bigger. We already have a number of clients who we manage campaigns for, but I would really like to keep enhancing my skills in this area as it’s going to be so beneficial to our clients.

Terri’s journey started in 2012 and was focused primarily on admin as another member of the Lucky 6 Marketing Team, who shall not be named*, failed to keep on top of invoices and bookkeeping. Terri stepped in to renovate the system and keep the business ticking financially… *it was Lee.

Terri has received a number of nominations for business awards over the years. In 2019 she made it through as a finalist at the Enterprise Vision Awards under the category of ‘Small Business’.

Terri Juniper holding up the business Lancashire news paper
Over the years Lucky 6 Marketing has appeared in a number of publications. The first article was written about Terri’s appointment to the business back in 2011, the latest (in 2019) was written by Terri herself. How times have changed.

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