Terri Juniper, Creative Director of Lucky 6 Marketing

Content for the sake of content is so transparent. I believe in making updates stand out and ensuring our clients are heard online.

 This photograph was taken back in 2015 whilst shooting images for a client in Lancaster.

Terri Juniper – What I believe 

When I was in primary school we had one computer and it didn’t really do much. By 2004, my last year in primary school there was a computer in every classroom. By my second year of high school, we had five IT suites and sometimes multiple computers in every classroom. In the space of just 10 years, computers appeared everywhere.

The first social media platform I ever signed up to was a site named Piczo, you could create your own website, designing pages, adding music – it was amazing. Then the school divided, you either used Bebo or MySpace. Of course, I was a selfie-taking, music-loving MySpace queen, in fact, that’s where I first used HTML coding. It was also the first time I noticed that the platform was for more than just personal users to make new friends, bands used the platform to promote their gigs, it even created stars including Jeffree Star.

This opened my eyes to a whole new way of using social media. Surely if I was using MySpace to find new bands and products, everyone else was too? This was something any business could take advantage of and I wanted to make that happen.

Social media training at Lucky 6 Marketing

Skip forward 14 years and here I am delivering a bespoke social media training session to a local business from Chorley.

What I enjoy most about my role

I loved creative writing in school. As soon as my teacher said we could write something I would, then she would tell me I had to write about a specific topic and I hated that. I just liked exploring and creating made-up worlds. Fast forward a few years I get to write on a daily basis, however, now I embrace writing about specific topics.

Learning about new industries is definitely a perk of the job. I never wanted to stop learning, and returning to college for my entire adult life wasn’t an option! In my time as a creative director, I have learned about alloy wheels, blinds, accountancy, investments, the hotelier industry and so much more. I’m hoping one day all this information will help me master a pub quiz.

Researching IFA regulations for a new client back in 2014. If anyone knows where I left these sunglasses please let me know, they were fab.

The biggest reward of my work is…

For me, it has to be the people we work with. We have met some phenomenal business owners and often their work family. We become part of their team and that means so much to me.

Often when working with businesses that have no real presence online, it’s so rewarding to give them that voice and help them reach a newer, wider audience. Their success truly is our success.

Myself and Donna (Donski) from Evolve Document Solutions at an event in Lytham.
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