Annoying Things On Social Media Everyone Should Do

There are plenty of guides about things your business should be doing on social media but have you ever thought of the things many advise you not to do? Social media is a noisy place. It is full of billions of voices from around the world which makes your business another grain of sand on the beach. Maybe it is time to stand out and be noticed. Below are a few annoying things on social media that will push your comfort barriers and those of your audience. Be warned, the tips below are only ideas. It is up to you and your marketing team what you think you can and cannot or should and shouldn’t be doing. Do you have the confidence to do the following?

Post Too Much on Social Media

Good content is hard to create. It has to be of value to your customer and of use to your target market. If you can generate such content why not generate more than you need. Flood your social media timelines with fantastic content and you will increase your chances of success. Shouting louder than your competitors is always good but shouting a message that your customers’ value is even better. This strategy is all about finding the maximum efficiency for the most pieces of content you could possibly publish.

Interact Too Much

Most brands interact only when they need to. Be proactive and seek interactions online. Search relevant terms within your industry and strike up conversations. A third of all social media is vanity so show your users you are interested and reach out to them. Is there anything such as interacting too much? Maybe it is time to push the boundaries to see how much interactions is too much. You might just be surprised at the results.

Run Competitions

Competitions on social media may be considered ‘old hat’ and that may be true but they do drive engagements. Try running a competition this month. Maybe just give away something small and see what engagement it creates. Everybody loves free stuff! A top tip for a successful competition would be to plan. Think about what your customers would want to win. Think about how the competition will be structured and think about how to make the competition benefit your business to the max.

Upload Videos, Even Bad Ones

Even bad videos are more interesting than no videos. You do not need to be a professional filmmaker to give your customers a personal behind the scenes tour of your office or workplace. Share your day, good or bad, and become more personable to those that spend money with you. It’s super simple. Decide what you want to shoot and get your phone out. Even a low-quality video is better than none! Just do it!

Share Photos of Coffee

Some people hate seeing photos of coffee. Some absolutely love it. Excite 50% of your audience with photos of your daily coffee. Make it part of your brand. Not a coffee drinker? Upload photos of your dog, or your mum or something that shows your day and who you are. The trick to the above tasks is to understand that, just like you, your audience is human. When they see your average-human-day, they will feel an affinity to you and your brand. It makes your business more human, real and just like them. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Also, if you have enjoyed this blog please share it with your customers. They may also enjoy it… or hate it. Who knows until you do it!